10 English Idioms with Day

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Here you will learn English idioms with ‘day’.

Make my day. Save the day. Call it a day. Meaning + examples.

‘Day’ is the 8th most common noun in the English language and we have many popular idioms with the word ‘day’.

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english idioms with day - podcast episode 252

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english idioms with day

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Hi there, this is Harry and welcome back to my English learning podcast Speak Better English with Harry.

Here I try to help you to get a better understanding of the English language. So we look at things like phrasal verbs, idiomatic expressions and other aspects of English that will help you to improve your speaking and writing skills.

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Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

INSANITY: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

Today, we’re looking at some expressions connected with the word 鈥榙ay鈥. As always, ‘ll give you the expressions one by one and then I’ll give you a good example of how you can use it.

So here are some popular English idioms with day.

Let鈥檚 start with the first one:

make someone鈥檚 day

鈥楪o on, punk, make my day.鈥

Meaning: to make someone happy, to deliver some good news, particularly if the rest of their day was terrible


It totally makes my day when my students do well in their English exams.

We made her day by giving her a makeup voucher to celebrate her 30th birthday.

Next one

call it a day

Meaning: to decide to stop doing something, because the work has been completed, or you鈥檙e a bit tired and feel like you can’t be productive anymore


I think I鈥檓 going to call it a day. It鈥檚 time for me to go to bed.

I think it鈥檚 better we just call it a day, we鈥檝e ru