Easy Peasy English Club

This is your chance to improve every aspect of your English from writing to pronunciation and speaking.

Everything in one place. 

Exclusive English learning materials created for you. 

Join VIP English Learning club now and improve English with Harry.

Join for only €9 per month (or €70 for the full year).

Take your English to the next level and become a confident speaker.

What is Easy Peasy English Club?

I get a lot of messages on my Instagram @englishlessonskype and on Facebook @englishlessonviaskype with requests to explain the meaning of a phrasal verb or to explain a particular rule. 

I have a habit of replying to every message I get, so I was replying and explaining the rule/phrasal verb. And while I was doing that I thought that many of you could benefit from this information. Many of you like my clear English explanations

So how can I make this accessible to more students? 

This is why I’ve decided to create a VIP English Learning Club where you can learn and improve English with me on a weekly basis. 

Why do you need to join Easy Peasy English Club?

Do you want to improve your Engish but feel overwhelmed by the amount of English learning materials available to you online?

Do you sometimes feel that you’re wasting your money? Or even worse, your time? I can’t blame you.

There are a lot of English learning resources available these days both online and offline. Instagram, Twitter, YouTube video lessons, blogs, infographics …. It doesn’t surprise me that many students, particularly intermediate English learners, feel overwhelmed. They don’t know where to start! It is just too much. And to be honest with you, 70% of these materials are of very poor quality and will not help you improve your English.

However, in Easy Peasy English Club you will be able to access all relevant English materials in one click. 

Each 45 minute lesson in Easy Peasy English Club includes:

  1. relevant English topic 
  2. new vocabulary words and phrases with meanings and examples
  3. pronunciation and intonation exercises
  4. difficult grammar explanation
  5. English speaking practice

Everything’s in one place. Well-structured online English lessons. Clear and detailed explanations.

You don’t need to waste your time and spend hours searching for material.

Just join Easy Peasy English Club and start improving your English today.

Dramatically Improve Your English Skills

Learn English VIP style with 52 dedicated online English lessons to help you improve English speaking, vocabulary, pronunciation, intonation and grammar. Homework is checked by a professional English native teacher. Ability to ask questions directly to me.

What exactly will I get if I pay a membership fee?

Over the course of 1 year you will get:

  • 52 well-structured online English lessons with 24×7 access (worth €1,040)
  • Harry’s English speaking drills
  • English listening comprehension training
  • homework tasks and activities (checked by Harry, a real native English teacher!)
  • ability to ask questions directly to me
  • access to my 6 online English courses (worth €90, incl highly popular Common Mistakes and Job Interview)
  • monthly competition entry and opportunity to win a free LIVE lesson with me (worth €20)

Why do I need to pay money and join your English Club?

It is a very good question.

Why do you need to pay money if there’s so much information on the internet for free?

1. Free information is scattered all over the internet

2. Free information only ever gives you a single part of the puzzle

3. When relying only on free information, you’ll never get a well-structured complete system

3. There’s actually TOO much information available on the internet and it is hard to digest it

4. Unfortunately, the quality of free information is not always the best

What is your guarantee?

I can guarantee that during the year you will improve your English skills and will gain confidence in speaking and writing in English.

However, there is a certain effort required from you.

If you feel that you cannot commit, please do not enrol.

How to teach English online from home - English Lessons via Skype

Harry -

Following over 30 years working in business I changed my career path and reinvented myself as a Teacher, teaching English as a Foreign Language. I obtained my TEFL qualifications and have now been teaching for over 8 years both online and in face-to-face lessons. I specialise in Business English but happily teach people with any English learning needs. 

I have assisted many students to successfuly pass a variety of English proficiency exams to gain employment with European or American organisations.
The response to my teaching style is very positive. I regularly get referrals of new students. Check out my social profiles below to find out more about my teaching style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! The payments are processed through secure gateway Stripe using secure authentication technology. Stripe supports processing payments in 135+ currencies.

As soon as you enrol in Easy Peasy English Club, you will get access to Harry’s weekly lessons + 6 online courses + listening comprehension practice.

Please note, that materials are released on a weekly basis. Why?

There is a lot (and I mean A LOT of information) soI don’t want you to get overwhelmed and give it up altogether within a week.

I really want you to improve English and this is why materials are released every 7 days. This is to ensure that you have time to go through them and complete your homework.

Immediately after payment.

If you choose a monthly membership, you will have access to my English learning club for 1 month.

If you choose a yearly membership, you will have access for 1 year (365 days).

  1. ESL students at upper-beginner or intermediate level English +
  2. students who don’t believe that they can learn to speak fluent English in 1 month
  3. students who want to improve their English speaking and writing skills
  4. Dear Students at elementary English level (A1), please do not enrol!

Sorry, I do not issue refunds for the membership in Easy Peasy English Club. 

If you have doubts, please contact me directly before joining.

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