Ways To Say Sad In English

Learn ways to say “sad’ in English. I’ll teach you everyday English words at an advanced level that will make your conversations more interesting.

You’ll learn words that can help you express your feelings better in everyday situations. By the end of this lesson, you’ll have new words to use instead of ‘sad,’ which will make your daily chats more enjoyable and meaningful.

Say goodbye to using ‘sad’ all the time and start making your conversations more engaging.

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Ways To Say Sad In English

In today’s advanced English lesson, we’re going to explore different ways to say ‘sad’ in English. I’ve got 11 of them to learn today.

By learning these alternative words to express sadness, you can improve your English skills and expand your vocabulary.

This not only makes you a more effective communicator but also allows you to express your feelings more precisely in everyday conversations, writing, and even in more formal situations.

So, let’s get started on this journey, and I’ll provide examples for each word. Learning these words will not only enhance your English vocabulary but also boost your confidence in using English in daily conversations.

feel down

Meaning: to feel sad, depressed, or emotionally low


Sitting under the rain, I can’t help but feel down.

Yesterday, I had a bad day at work, so I felt down in the evening.

feel blue

Meaning: to feel sad or unhappy


She’s been feeling blue for the whole week. I think I’ll take her out on Friday to cheer her up.

Ever since her best friend moved away, she’s been feeling blue and missing her company.


Meaning: feeling very unhappy, wretched, or in great distress


I can’t get rid of this flu for two weeks now. I feel miserable.

When I saw her at the party, she looked miserable, as if something was bothering her.

Ways To Say Sad In English

Ways to say sad in English. English speaking skills. Improve English speaking skills. Upgrade your vocabulary. English grammar rules. Improve English speaking. Advanced English lessons on Zoom and Skype. Improve English speaking and writing skills. #learnenglish


Meaning: deeply troubled, upset, or overwhelmed by emotions such as grief, fear, or anxiety


The little girl was distraught over her cat running away.

She was distraught about the loss of her beloved pet dog, and she couldn’t stop crying for days.

gutted 🇬🇧

Meaning: (informal) experiencing intense sadness, disappointment, or devastation


Sarah was absolutely gutted when she didn’t get the job she had applied for at the company.

Tommy was gutted that their team lost the cup final. It was his first year playing on the school team.


Meaning: extremely sad or heartbroken


People were devastated when they heard the news that a refugee boat had sunk.

The fans were devastated when their team got knocked out of the World Cup.

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Meaning: deeply sad or lonely


He was desolate by the loss of his lifelong friend. They were friends for 40 years.

After the breakup, she felt desolate, with an overwhelming sense of emptiness and loneliness.


Meaning: deeply and permanently sad or distressed


Young Tommy was inconsolable their team lost the cup final.

After the sudden passing of his pet, he was inconsolable and couldn’t stop crying.

a broken man or woman

Meaning: deeply sad due to life’s hardships


Emily became a broken woman after her painful breakup with Mark.

Mark is a broken man. He thought she was his life partner.

Ways To Say Sad In English

Ways to say sad in English. English speaking skills. Improve English speaking skills. Upgrade your vocabulary. English grammar rules. Improve English speaking. Advanced English lessons on Zoom and Skype. Improve English speaking and writing skills. #learnenglish

at the end of your tether/rope

Meaning: feeling completely overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted


I’ve had enough of this place. I’m fed up arguing with people all the time. I’m at the end of my tether.

She was at the end of her tether, feeling deeply sad and unable to cope with anything else.

as sick as a parrot 🇬🇧

Meaning: extremely disappointed, upset, or unhappy about a particular situation or outcome


Jim is as sick as a parrot; his team lost the cup final yesterday.

She was as sick as a parrot when her dream job offer was suddenly taken back.

So, here are the 11 specific expressions or alternative words that we can use instead of saying ‘sad.’ Let me go through them one more time with you.

  1. Feel down
  2.  Feel blue
  3. Miserable
  4. Distraught
  5. Gutted
  6. Devastated
  7. Desolate
  8. Inconsolable
  9. A broken man or woman
  10. At the end of your tether (sometimes they say, ‘at the end of your rope’)
  11. As sick as a parrot

These are advanced English words that you can use instead of saying ‘sad.’ Try to practice them yourself, and get to know how to use them.

You won’t remember them all at once but try to introduce them bit by bit into your written and spoken English.

If you need further help, just drop me a line at www.englishlessonviaskype.com. I’d be very happy to explain them to you in more detail. We always appreciate you watching and listening.

So, as always, this is Harry saying goodbye, and join me again soon.

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