English Vocabulary related to Problems and Advice

Sometimes life throws up problems for us. We lose our job. We get divorced, a family member dies or sometimes it’s not so dramatic but nevertheless it still tests our resolve and our ability to recover.

That got me thinking about English vocabulary related to problems and advice. What are the phrases to use in English to show we can adjust and we can start again?

English Vocabulary related to Problems and Advice


To leave the past behind you and look to the future. Or somebody is leaving a company to get a new job.

This can be both physical or mental. Moving on in your mind forgetting the problem and think positive or physically move towns or cities or even countries.

I have had enough of this job time to move on tosomething bigger.


Forget about the problem, accept it and leave it in the past.

Often a phrase a friend will use when giving advice. “Ok, so she left you for another guy.”

Get over it and find another girl. There are plenty out there!


Forget about something. Often a problem stays with us for a long time because we will not let go. Stop the problem letting worry you and make that new start.

If you really want to make a new start you have to let it go.

“Let it go, let it go
Can’t hold it back anymore” – sings Elsa from “Frozen”


To forget about your problem. Something we all would like to do at some time in our lives.

Oh why don’t we sell up and move awayleave it all behind us, for a while anyway!


Exactly what it says. Start afresh a whole new beginning.

Making a new start is not always easy but it can also be fun.


A well-used cliché. However, it can be true. When faced with a problem and continuing with it will only cause more stress then it is often better to draw a line in the sand leave the past behind and look to the future. New rules, new agreements and no old baggage.

They had a very bad argument and nobody was prepared to give in. One person suggested they agree to draw a line in the sand and begin again. The both agreed and the argument was soon forgotten.

English Vocabulary about Problems - Infographic

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