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Fitness vocabulary

Fitness vocabulary

Nowadays the majority of people worry about their health and generally try to ensure their body is in good shape. People talk about fitness and work out routines on a day to day basis. Hopefully our short fitness vocabulary will be useful to you next time you talk about your level of fitness or your exercise routine in English.

First of all, the word Health is sometime used incorrectly. Make sure you use it is a noun.

ex. My health is my wealth. – A very common English expression but it is very important.

The word Healthy is an adjective so again make sure you only use it in this way.

ex. I am healthy. He is very healthy.

Also we can use it in the comparative format healthier, healthiest.

Working out - learn English fitness vocabulary
To ensure you are in fact healthy you should visit the doctor frequently. I am terrible at this and usually only go if I am ill and even then I have to be very ill before I make an appointment. However, I still try to ensure I eat a healthy diet and take reasonable (some) amounts of exercise.

Before taking up exercise (cycling,running or gym work) it is advisable to get a check up (let the doctor check your heart,blood pressure etc). If there are any problems they can be picked up (identified) before it is too late.

We have many ways of exercising and it usually depends on your time and preferences. I like cycling but others prefer the gym or jogging.Whether it is a gentle work out (easy at the beginning until you improve your condition) or a strenuous session (harder work out for more experienced and fitter people) there is something to suit everyone. Let’s learn some English words and phrases associated with these.

English Fitness Vocabulary

Going for a spin – Take your bike out of the shed or basement and cycle for several kilometres.

ex. I took my bike for a quick spin before going to work.

Work 0ut – to do some exercise.

ex. I went to the gym for a work out (some time spent in the gym).
I usually have a work out three times a week.

Stretch the legs – to do some brief warm up exercises, to prepare for your full work out

ex. I usually like to go for a brisk (quick) walk to stretch my legs after sitting at the desk all day.

Loosen up/Warm up – Before doing anything in the gym or before you set out for your jog it is always recommended to do some stretching exercises to “loosen up” or “warm up”. In that way you should avoid any muscle injuries.

Circuit training – If you are working with a personal trainer or with a specific plan you usually do a few circuits (specific exercises that you repeat several times)

ex. I do 2 circuits and repeat every exercise 15 times.

After the gym or your jog you will want to warm down. (similar to warm up but at the end of your work out). Then you may jump into (quickly as not much time) the shower, grab (again to take something quickly) a quick drink and get going (go where you have to go, work or school or home).

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