English expressions for a day at a match

Going to a football match can be a very enjoyable day out. I recently went to a game in the German Bundesliga (the top division in German football). The game was due to kick off (due to start) at 3.30 pm but I always like to get to the ground (the venue) early so that I can soak up (take in) the atmosphere. There is always a lot to see. Both sets of fans (the supporters of both teams) are usually dressed in their teams colours (the colours of their football jerseys) and are wearing scarves and waving flags. For my match there were a lot of red and white jerseys supporting the home team (the team from my city) and green and white supporting the away team (the visiting team from another city).

Learn English expressions for a day at a match

There were a lot of people there early and everyone was in good spirits (excited). The market sellers were already in place and there was an active trade in hot dogs and beer a traditional food and drink for German matches. The crowd was building up steadily right up to kick off and when the match finally began the number in the stadium had reached approximately (almost) 40,000.

The players from both teams were on the pitch (the football field) when I reached my seat and were warming up (preparing for the game) and going through (doing) some exercises and drills (tactics).

The players then returned to their dressing rooms (where they change into their football gear/clothes). After a few minutes they returned for the game accompanied by the referee and his assistants. There was a lot of noise in the stadium. The local fans (home team fans) were in good voice (singing well) and the away fans (for the visiting team) were responding also. The public address system ( tannoy system to make public announcements) announced the home team with every name greeted (welcomed) with huge cries and screams.

The crowd settled down (became quiet) and the game began. The first half (45 minutes for each half) was quite boring and not much action to excite the supporters. However, after the break (after the half time interval) the game took off (improved dramatically) and within a short period the away team scored the first goal. Within 10 minutes the fans of the home team got their response and the local team scored an equalizer (scored a goal to level the game) and within 10 minutes from the end of the game they scored a second goal which proved to be the winning goal. The noise level increased dramatically (it became very loud) and the fans left the ground happy.

A very good days entertainment for everyone. Well almost everyone.