Essential English Verbs of Motion

Learn essential English verbs of motion. This lesson will help you grow your vocabulary with advanced English verbs that will make your English sound more natural and fluent. 

Learning these verbs is crucial for anyone looking to improve their speaking and writing skills. By adding these verbs to your daily conversations, you’ll find it easier to describe actions and movements, helping you communicate more effectively and with more confidence.

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Essential English Verbs of Motion

In this advanced English lesson, we’re looking at essential English verbs of motion.

What are those? These English verbs describe all kinds of movements and actions. I’ve picked out 12 must-know verbs to go over with you. We’ll break each one down, look at what they mean, and I’ll give you some examples so you really get the meaning.

Understanding and using these advanced vocabulary words will greatly enhance your ability to express yourself in English. Whether you’re aiming to speak like a native or just want to feel more confident in your language skills, this lesson makes it easy for you. Boost your fluency and be able to explain yourself clearly. 


Meaning: to rise very quickly or to become very successful or popular


The fireworks soared above the city, filling the sky with bright colours.

A NASA rocket successfully soared to new heights in space yesterday, marking a new milestone in space exploration.

Prices for groceries soared, making it harder for families to afford their shopping.


Meaning: to move very fast, especially in a somewhat uncontrolled way


When the rocket soars up into the sky, the bottom of the rocket hurtles towards the ground.

Meteors and pieces of rock hurtle through the atmosphere as they enter Earth’s orbit.

During the avalanche, snow and rocks hurtled down the mountain, posing a threat to everything in their path.


Meaning: to move very quickly or to go fast


Shooting stars whiz across the night sky, leaving behind a trail of light.

A fast car zoomed past me on the street.

The bird landed on the distant tree, I quickly zoomed in with my camera lens to get a closer shot.

Essential English Verbs of Motion

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roll across

Meaning: to move by turning over and over on a surface, covering a distance in the process


I carefully aim and let the ball roll smoothly across the lane to hit the pins.

I was opening the bag when frozen peas spilt and rolled across the kitchen floor.


Meaning: to move or fall suddenly and often a long way forward, downward, or into something


With the annual temperature rising, people used less gas, causing prices to plunge.

If there is an oversupply of a particular product on the market, then the prices may plunge.

whirl (around)

Meaning: to turn or spin quickly in a circle


Water whirls around in a different direction in the Southern Hemisphere due to the Coriolis effect. 

The clothes in the washing machine whirl around as the cycle starts.

Kids laughed as the playground carousel began to whirl around, picking up speed.

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Meaning: to move quickly and smoothly with a soft rushing sound


The high-speed train whooshed past the station, barely slowing as it continued its journey.

As the race car sped down the track, it whooshed by the cheering crowd.


Meaning: walking or moving with heavy, thumping steps, as if the feet are making a “clump” sound with each step


In ‘The Lord of the Rings,’ during the Ents’ attack on Isengard, the ancient tree beings clump along the ground, their heavy footsteps echoing as they march towards Saruman’s fortress.

The elephant’s feet clumped through the mud, leaving deep tracks.


Meaning: to move in a slow, heavy, awkward way


The bear lumbered through the woods, looking for something to eat.

The old truck lumbered down the dusty road, its engine groaning under the strain.

A tired elephant lumbered back to its herd after a long day in the sun.

Essential English Verbs of Motion

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Meaning: to move or stand with the shoulders drooping forward


He slouched on the sofa, sinking into the cushions as he scrolled through his phone.

Walking home from school, he slouched with his backpack weighing him down.

She got pain in her back from slouching too much at her office desk.


Meaning: to move or push something or someone along with force and speed, often in a steady, continuous motion


She swept the floor clean, gathering up all the dust and debris into the dustpan.

The wind swept through the trees, rustling the leaves and bending the branches.

The rain swept through the streets very quickly. When I got home, I was completely soaked.

The trees swept right from the top of the hill to the bottom through the valley down to the ocean.


Meaning: to move or climb quickly and with urgency, often in a somewhat disorganised or awkward way


We scrambled over the rocks, trying to keep our balance as we made our way towards the peak.

Pedestrians scrambled across Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, moving through the crowd to reach the other side.

The kids scrambled over the sand dunes, laughing and shouting as they raced each other to the top.

Ok, here are our essential English verbs of motion. All words, advanced English words connected with motion. Try to use some of them, try to practice them.

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