Other Words for Hungry in English

In this post you’re going to learn other words for hungry in English

In the video lesson below I give you 5 alternative words instead of hungry. For those of you who prefer reading, please scroll down and read the full transcript below.

And if you want to enrich your English vocabulary with new words, don’t forget to check my other words for difficult lesson.

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Other Words for Hungry in English

Hi there. I’m Harry and welcome back. What I got to talk to you today about is the word hungry and we’re looking at alternative words that mean the same or can be used instead of hungry in English. When we’re talking in British English, we like to use different words. Just to show that we have a knowledge and a good wide vocabulary.

And it’s important when you’re doing exams when you’re writing letters or communicating with people that you don’t use the same word all the time.

Particularly if you’re doing an exam. The examiners like to see and test you to see the breadth of your English vocabulary so it’s really important to have alternative words.

Okay. So we’re talking as I said about the word HUNGRY.

And HUNGRY means you want something to eat.

So I’m sure you’ve all been in that situation where you’ve come home from work, come home from studying in the university or you’ve been playing a football match and you’re really really hungry and you want something to eat. So how do you tell somebody? 

Well, you can just simply say:

Oh God, I’m really hungry. What’s to eat? What’s in the fridge? What’s in the cupboards?


It’s a very simple word. 

Or you could say:

I’m feeling hungry. We need something to eat and something to drink.

So the alternative word that we can use instead of HUNGRY is FAMISHED F A M I S H E D

So you come home and you say:

Oh look I haven’t eaten for days or it feels like I haven’t eaten for days. I’m famished. What’s to eat? What’s for dinner? What’s in the cupboards?

Okay. Famished – F A M I S H E D

We can also say an expression I COULD EAT A HORSE 

You often hear this in British English. I could eat a horse.

– Are you hungry?

– Yeah, I could eat a horse.

Meaning I’m really hungry. Yeah I could eat a horse.

You go to the restaurant and it’s one of these all-you-can-eat for ten dollars. Amazing if you go to America, you see lots of these restaurants with a sign or you can eat. Ten dollars breakfast. All-you-can-eat ten dollars. And so you go in so great and really hungry I could a horse. Okay.

Other Words for Hungry - Infographic

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Another word we can use instead of HUNGRY is STARVING

– Are you hungry?

– Yeah, I’m starving.

Meaning I don’t think I’ve eaten for days. In fact, you probably have, but you just have that feeling that I’m starving.

Usually the young kids and the young school goers or the University students in your house use STARVING

Oh God, I’m starving.

They may have had a really wonderful breakfast and by the time it gets to the lunchtime they are starving. Meaning they are very very hungry.



This is another expression to show that you are hungry and you would  like something to eat.

Yeah my stomach’s rumbling.

Meaning it’s making noises, it’s talking to me, it’s telling me that it’s time that I ate.


Or you can simply say I’M FEELING A LITTLE PECKISH

and A LITTLE PECKISH is not meaning you’re absolutely starving but you could eat something. So it’s a little bit more polite.

You go to your friend and you you greet her and she greets you and she says:

– Come on in and sit down, I’ll put the kettle on and we’ll have a cup of tea.Would you like something to eat?

– I don’t mind, I’m a little peckish.

It is quite likely that you really are hungry but you just don’t want to seem rude and say:  ‘Yeah, what you’ve got? What’s in the fridge? What’s in the cupboard?’ 

Instead you say ‘I’m a little peckish’

If you’re going to have something: ‘I can have something with you’. 

Okay. So PECKISH meaning you’re willing to pick pick pick like a bird.

I’m a little peckish, I’ll eat something small but only if you want to have something as well.


And then one last expression that we sometimes hear is


Okay. So this is quite a long expression but really what it’s saying is I haven’t eaten for so long that my stomach thinks that my throat has been cut.

I haven’t eaten for such a long time. My stomach thinks that my throat has been cut.

Okay. So here’s some alternative words instead of HUNGRY:

  • starving
  • famished
  • I could eat a horse
  • my stomach is rumbling
  • I’m a little peckish
  • my stomach thinks that my throat has been cut

Okay. So you can use all of those in certain circumstances as a synonym for HUNGRY.

Okay. So enjoy using your English, enjoy eating your food and remember to subscribe to our Channel and join me on www.englishlessonviaskype.com and if you look down on the link below you’ll come across all our wonderful English courses on English grammar that will be really useful for you and you can buy them at very reasonable prices.

And we’re going to have some very good news in the very near future so watch out for that and join me again soon.

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