English Phrasal Verbs with Take with Meanings and Examples

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Some of our students think learning about the phrasal verbs is one of the hardest concepts in the English language. However, it is quite an important concept, as native speakers use phrasal verbs quite a lot in their everyday conversations. So what is a Phrasal Verb? A Phrasal Verb is a verb that consists of two words. The first word is a verb itself. And the second part is a particle. A preposition, or an adverb. Together as a phrase or a Phrasal Verb they have a completely different meaning.

Today we are going to look at phrasal verbs with TAKE. Here is our list of ten phrasal verbs with TAKE

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Phrasal Verbs with Take - Infographic

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List of 13 Phrasal Verbs with TAKE


Like many other phrasal verbs ‘take off’ has more than one meaning.

1. to leave the ground.

Ex. Our flight took off on time.

2. to remove something

Ex. If it is hot outside, you take off your shirt.

3. to take someone off means to imitate someone.

Ex. He loves taking popular singers off.

4. to take time as a holiday

Ex. Chris took 3 weeks in the middle of July.


1. to remove something from a fixed position.

Ex. She took out her purse.

2. to invite someone to dinner, or to any place of entertainment.

Ex. Paul took me out to dinner yesterday night.

3. to clean (stain, mark, dirt)

Ex. Use this powder to take out the coffee stain.


to remove

Ex. May I take away the dirty dishes now?


1. to make clothes narrower, to alter, to adjust clothes
For example, you lost wait and now your jeans are too loose in the waist. So you go to the tailor and ask him to take them in the waist.

Ex. Can you please take jeans in the waist?

13 Phrasal Verbs with Take. Take apart, take for, take in, take up www.englishlessonviaskype.com #learnenglish #englishlessons #английский #angielski #nauka #ingles #Idiomas #idioms #English #englishteacher #ielts #toefl #vocabulary #ingilizce #inglese

2. to understand something fully

Ex. Phrasal verbs are difficult to take in.

3. Take someone in means to trick someone.

Ex. I was completely taken in by him.


to take notes, to write something down.

Ex. Hold on, I’ll write down your mobile number.


to divide something into smaller parts, to disassemble, to break it up

Ex. His mobile wasn’t working properly, and he decided to take it apart.


to resemble in appearance or character

Ex. Jamie is very ambitious, he took it after his dad.


1. to occupy space or time

Ex. Boxes took up a lot of space in my room.
Studies take up all of my time.

2. to become interested in something. To take up a hobby.

Ex. They decided to take up chess.

Popular English Expressions with TAKE - Video Lesson


to apologise

Ex. He took his remarks about her new dress because she was very upset.


to control or to possess something.

Ex. I am going to take over the world.
We pulled off the motorway, and Mary took over driving.


1. to employ someone.

Ex. Will he take me on?

2. to accept something, to undertake to do something.

Ex. I don’t think I can take this work on at the moment as I am very busy.


to like immediately, to be really comfortable with something. To be natural.

Ex. He took to tennis as soon as he picked up a racket.


to consider or to identify mistakenly

Ex. Sorry, I took you for your sister, I’m always confused.

Don’t take his silence for approval.

That’s it for today! Remember, there is only one tip to help you improve your English – keep practising! There is no easy way to remember phrasal verbs. But using them frequently in your conversation will help. Make sure you practise and use some of the phrasal verbs with TAKE next time.

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