Intermediate English Travel Vocabulary

Learn intermediate English travel vocabulary: words and phrases to help you on your next journey. 

Many students rely on their smartphone apps, and, of course, they’re absolutely right!

However, there are still moments when you need to ask, for example, a bus driver, a ticket inspector, or even a complete stranger for directions. This is when these English travel phrases will come in handy. 

Learn what is the difference between Free and Vacant in a short English video lesson.

Useful English Travel Phrases

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Improving your English vocabulary might not be on your priority list right now. But here is some intermediate English travel vocabulary, English words and phrases that you can use when talking about your holiday plans.

I have prepared a short story for you. This story will help you practise your English reading comprehension. You will find the meaning of the bolded words below.

Intermediate English Travel Vocabulary Story

Well, summer is definitely here the weather is scorching hot (very hot) and it is time to think about a holiday.

My holiday was booked (organised it) several months ago. These days it is often a good idea to book well in advance (as early as possible) particularly when looking around (trying to find) the cheapest airline tickets.

For those of us lucky enough (fortunate) to live within the EU we get the choice of a number of low cost airlines (very cheap) such as Easyjet and Ryanair.

These airlines are always offering low-cost options (choices) to any different destinations and you can pick and choose (decide) from a wide variety of destinations. It really makes planning a holiday so easy.

In addition (also) to that if you are not fussy (do not mind) which day you leave or on which day you return (come back) then you can get really cheap deals (options) mid-week (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday). This can save quite a bit of money!

After you get the flights booked you need some accommodation (somewhere to eat and sleep) depending on your requirements (what you want) the options are endless (there are many options).

The traditional accommodation a 3 or 4 star hotel is still everyone’s preference as you get that extra luxury, perhaps a pool or a gym or a nice terraced restaurant. However, if you are looking for a cheap and cheerful (low cost with simple comforts) option then many of us are now choosing form a wide range of Airbnb options.

This mainly (normally) means you will get a room in an apartment or house in the city of your choice.

The money you save on your air tickets (flight costs) can mean you can go a little upmarket (more expensive choice) for your hotel or if you get a very good deal (low price) with Airbnb then you could perhaps rent a car and explore the area or eat out (dine in a restaurant) more frequently than you originally intended. I have gone for the low air ticket and good value Airbnb accommodation so I am able to visit a part of Europe that I have never been to before.

These cheaper airlines do have restrictions (limits) in relation to your luggage (baggage, suitcases) so be prepared to travel light (do not take much with you). This can be a problem when your other half  (your wife, husband or partner) decides to take everything but the kitchen sink! (as much as possible!)

So pack that bag, make sure to include your sun block (sun cream) mosquito spray and your E-reader and you are all set (ready to go). Don’t forget the phrasebook and of course you can probably get on your smart phone so more space available for other things.

I am off (leaving) this week so I will catch up with you (see you again) soon.

How did you find it? Please let me know in the comments what other words you found difficult (if any). Thank you.

Difference between Free and Vacant

Intermediate English Travel Vocabulary Words

scorching hot – very hot
in advance – as early as possible
mid-week – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
accommodation – somewhere to eat and sleep
to travel light – not to take much with you
buggage – baggage, suitcases
to book – to organise something
to look around – try to find
lucky enough – to be fortunate
low cost airlines – very cheap
to pick and choose – to decide
cheap and cheerful – low cost with simple comforts
air tickets – flight costs
upmarket – more expensive choice
good deal – low price
to eat out – to dine in a restaurant
you are all set – ready to go

If you are planning a holiday abroad, I really hope that my intermediate English travel vocabulary will be useful for you. Once you come back from your holidays, don’t forget to check out English lessons by Skype packages.

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