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English Summer Vocabulary – Here comes summer


Are you getting excited about summer? Even though we in the UK are getting far too many grey days during the summer, we are still very excited when it finally arrives. Let’s get ready for summer and explore some English summer vocabulary.

English summer vocabulary

There are many wonderful songs with beautiful lyrics describing that summer feeling when we throw off the winter/spring clothes and get ready for the warm lazy summer days.

Summertime and the living is easy
Fish are jumping
And the cotton is high

These are the opening lyrics of an old song from an opera called “Summertime” based in the deep southern states of America.


Here comes summer
School is out, oh happy day
Here comes summer
I’m gonna grab my girl and run away
Here comes summer

“Here comes summer” song is a little more upbeat and goes back to 1959!!!

Whatever the year we all look forward to those long hot summer days and endless nights. Here are some words and phrases for your English summer vocabulary that you might just find useful.

English Summer Vocabulary

Siesta: not really an English word but used frequently. Particularly relevant in the summer when a quick “nap” or “forty winks” in the afternoon is just what you need to be ready for a long summer evening. Nap and forty winks refer to a quick sleep or rest.

A quick dip: If you are feeling a little hot and need to refresh a swim is often a good idea. A quick dip refers to a jump into a pool, river or sea to refresh yourself.

Top up the tan: Everyone likes to look good and when the sun shines we can get that “good feeling” with a sun tan. People like to catch the sun rays on a regular basis over the summer to keep the tan looking well naturally. Twenty minutes in the sun a few times a week may just be enough to top up that tan!

A Ninety Nine (a 99): Ice cream is a great way of cooling down when the sun gets a little too hot. Kids and adults all love the flavours. An old favourite and still available from all the ice cream stalls in UK cities is the 99. It’s a cone with ice cream a chocolate flake stuck into the ice cream and usually some strawberry syrup added. If you haven’t tried it you haven’t lived!!

A Butlin’s Holiday: Before flying to the sun became popular and within easy reach of the ordinary man, workers spent their two week summer vacation (usually the first two weeks in August) in a holiday camp organised and run by a company called Butlins. They still operate summer holiday camps in the UK today. They provide accommodation (chalets or small apartments) and entertainment for all the family. A good old British tradition still going strong today.

The bucket and spade: No holiday for the kids was complete without their traditional bucket and spade. These simple tools keep children of all ages occupied for hours on the beaches in any type of weather. Building sand castles and other impressive constructions with the help of Dad (or Mum) of course is a great diversion for all the family.

What is summer holiday like in your country?

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