English Expressions with Look

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popular expressions with look

English expressions with look

We usually use the verb “to look” to describe how we see or watch something. 
I looked at that TV programme last night. 
I looked at the report quickly. 
Here are some English Expressions with LOOK presenting other ways in which we can use it, sometimes as a verb, phrasal verb and also as a noun.

have/take a look

A very useful phrase that we can use in many different situations. It means to glance or to look at something or someone, especially in a quick, informal manner.

Can you have a look at that email before you leave? 

I will have a look at that hairdryer and see if I can fix it if you like. 

If you don’t believe why don’t you have a look for yourself. 

All of these expressions demonstrate the versatility of this phase.

look your best

When we have to make a speech or we are attending an important meeting or interview, it is always important to present ourselves in the best way possible. 

We often can hear from our friends or family: 

It’s important to look your best today. It’s a big day for you. 


I really want to look my best for this dinner. Can you restyle my hair to give me a more modern look, please?

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look (the) worse for wear

This is usually used to describe when someone isn’t looking their best. In fact, they look a little ill or not themselves. 
He had a few difficult days. The office party went on long into the night and on top of that, he also had a party in the football club the day before.
After 2 days of celebration, he certainly was looking the worse for wear.


This is frequently used to describe how a man or woman appear to us. This English expression is used to describe their physical appearance. We use it when we want to describe a person who is physically attractive.
For example: 
He is a very good-looking man. 
Adam’s sister is good-looking, isn’t she?

English expressions with look

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by the look(s) of it

When we are not sure about something and we ask for a second opinion or someone’s view on it. The reply we get will often include this phrase ‘by the look of it.’ 

For example: 

Mary is reading a legal banking document that is not really written in clear simple English. She asks her colleague Catherine to have a look at a particular section and give her view/opinion as to what it means. 

Catherine reads it several times and says:

By the look of it, it appears that they want you to give a personal guarantee. I am not a banker but that is how I read it. I think you should call them and clarify it.

English expressions with look

looks like it

Again, when we are asked for our opinion, we often use this phrase. We are using it to confirm what the other person wants to hear. 

For example: 

John received a reply to his request for a promotion. He had been working in the same position for more than 3 years. His boss replied to say how much they valued his work how important he was to the company in the position he holds. 

He asked his colleague Mathew:

I think they are telling me I am not getting that promotion. What do you think?

Mathew looks at the email and replies:

Yes, it looks like it to me.

Meaning I  would agree with your view.

Other Words to Say LOOK

English expressions with Look. Advanced English learning. English lessons on Zoom at www.englishlessonviaskype.com #learnenglish #englishlessons #EnglishTeacher #vocabulary #ingles

look on the bright side (of life, things)

To stay optimistic and try to see something positive even in a bad situation. There is always a light. We can use this expression to cheer someone up.
John is amazing! He almost always has a smile or laugh available, and tries to look on the bright side of things.
Let’s look on the bright side; at least Monday only happens once a week.
This expression is originated from the cult British comedy “The Life of Brian”.

Other Words to Say LOOK

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