Useful English Phrases connected with New Year Resolutions

What is it about New Year’s Eve that persuades us to make promises we have great difficulty in keeping? I have been making New Year Resolutions for more years now than I care to remember (I would prefer to forget!). I can count on one hand (there are not many) the number of resolutions that I succeeded in keeping by accident or design (by choice or simply by accident).

We usually start with a list of things we would like to achieve such as: losing weight, going to the gym more often, change jobs or some other life changing action (something very significant). To stick to (continue to try) or to give up (stop trying) depends on our own personal motivation. Usually the support of a partner (husband or wife or a family member) is really necessary to be successful. Setting realistic goals (targets) is also an essential requirement (important factor) if you are going to fulfil your dream.

So many people quit (give up) at a very early stage so if you can get over (get past) those first few weeks then you have a much greater chance of success. So whether you are cutting down on (reducing) or cutting out (giving something up completely) then set yourself many short term goals measured in days or weeks and then it may not be such a struggle (so difficult). For example, if your goal is to give up smoking for a year it might seem or appear a long way off (a long way away). Why not give up for a month and then when you achieve that goal look for another month and so on until you accumulate your overall goal (final goal). I tried this many years ago (one of the few resolutions I actually achieved) when I decided to give up alcohol for 1 year. I measured it each month and did not think about the entire year until I got to September and then it was only another 3 months. It worked for me!

So if you have overindulged (eaten or drunk too much) over the Xmas and New Year, try shorter term goals to get that resolution in the bag (completed successfully).

Good luck with what ever you set out to do (what ever you attempt) and hopefully you have not given up already!!

Useful English Phrases connected with Resolutions

life changing action – something very significant
to stick to – to continue doing something that you have planned to do and not change your mind
to give up – to stop doing something
goal – target
requirement – important factor
to quit – to give up
to get over – to get past, to overcome (a difficulty)
to cut down – to reduce
to cut out – to give something up completely
struggle – forceful effort

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