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The end of the year is approaching quickly and December is typically the month for the annual Christmas bash (party). Here are some English words and phrases connected with this very British tradition. This party can be a tame affair (quiet party) where the office is small or the people are of a certain age (middle aged) or a real knees up (lots of singing and dancing) where the office is larger and the age range among the staff is quite varied.

Some people love them and others hate them. Those who have been working for many years tend to know what to expect and think “oh, here we go again !” (not so happy it is that time of the year) and the younger and newer staff members see it as an opportunity to meet their colleagues in a more informal setting and let their hair down (get in the party mood).

English Expressions related to Christmas Parties. Improve your English vocabulary

There are always two types of people; the party poopers (those who never attend) and the party animal (who never needs an excuse for a party). You need the party animals to get everything started and these are usually the “life and soul of the party”, first up to dance first to sing and first to get drunk. Getting drunk is not obligatory but usually happens quite regularly and if controlled why not, after all it is Christmas!

The party may be in the office so the bosses bring in outside caterers to provide the food and drink. This is usually finger food (small bites to eat). The alternative is to go to a local hotel or other venue for the revelry (the fun and enjoyment). Here the catering may be a sit down meal (tables and chairs and waiter service). The conversation is usually loud the music even louder and the beer flowing if it is a free bar (company paying for all the drinks).

The problems usually occur the “morning after” (the next morning). People trying to remember who they spoke to last, what did they say in the hope they did not put their foot in it (insult someone or say something they should not have said). Some need “the hair of dog” (a drink of alcohol supposed to cure the hangover they undoubtedly have). Others are laughing at the funny photo’s now in circulation on the mobile phones.

Well, wherever you go and what ever you do enjoy it and enter into the Christmas Spirit (enjoy it).

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