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The word LIKE is a very popular word in the English language and is used as an adjective, a verb and even a noun. The only bad thing about the verb LIKE is that we use it way too often. Some students may wonder whether we have any other words for LIKE in English? In fact, there are many, many ways to say LIKE. So here are some English words and phrases that you can use as alternatives to I LIKE.

We use I LIKE to express our feeling about somebody or something. For example:

I like ice cream.
I like Mathew.

Of course, we could add various English adverbs to give more meaning to it. For example:

I really like ice cream.
I really like Mathew.

I genuinely like Mathew.
I totally like her.

But it can be a little boring to always use the same words or expressions so here are some suitable alternative words you can use instead of LIKE.

Other Ways to Say I LIKE in English

Other Words to Say LIKE in English


Love indicates something a bit stronger than “like”.

ex. – Would you like a cup of tea? – I would love a cup of tea.


Fond of indicates a strong liking for someone or something but not as strong as “love”.

ex. Kathy is very fond of her Aunt Jane she always looks forward to her visits.


Like “love” adore always gives a deeper meaning than “like”.

ex. James adores his new job. He has always wanted to work in the city and this gives him the chance to do that.


A very British English expression. To be partial to something means you prefer it over some other choice. Daniel was always partial to homemade cakes. He enjoyed the cakes in the local bakery but a home made cake was his favourite every time.

So here are the words we can use instead of LIKE –  LOVE, I AM FOND OF, ADORE or BE PARTIAL to anything or anyone.

Some more informal ways of saying LIKE include the following:


This is a very 1960’s or 1970’s expression. People used to “dig” the new music by The Beatles. So  this is really something related to the “hippy years”.


Very informal and almost slang expression. This is used frequently to tell some one what you like.

ex. The teacher asked Kevin what music he liked. I am really into U2 the get it right every time.


Again more informal meaning you just want more of what you like.

ex. Do you like that new brand of coffee? Oh yes certainly we just cannot get enough of it!

Or as Depeche Mode sing I just can’t get enough

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