English Travelling Collocations

Here you will learn English travelling collocations. These useful expressions will help you improve your English speaking skills when you’re talking about travel plans and arrangements in English.

Off the beaten track, packaged deal, get away from it all and more.

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English Travelling Collocations

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Hi there. This is Harry. And welcome back to my podcast, where we try to help you to communicate in English with other people in any environment, business or personal. So what do I have for you today? Today, I want to look at English travelling collocations and give you some examples of how to use them in your conversations in English.

English Travelling Collocations

to take time off work

Meaning: we use this expression when we say we’re going to go on holiday. It might not be a long holiday. It might be a short holiday. It could be your summer vacation. But we like to take time off, work occasionally to enjoy ourselves or to join our family or just to have a break. So to take time off work means to take a few days or a couple of weeks, or sometimes even a little longer.


I’m taking a few days off work to go to a family wedding.

Usually, it’s referring to holidays. Of course, it could be to do with illness.


He had to take time off work to get over the bad flu.

He had to take time off work to go to a relative’s funeral.

But in travelling, we take time off work to enjoy our holidays somewhere

Intermediate to Advanced English Marathon

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

INSANITY: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

off the beaten track

Meaning: places that have not been visited by many thousands or millions of people, not seen by many people


This place is off the beaten track, but it is worth seeing.

English Travelling Collocations

an affordable destination

Meaning: something that is within your budget.


We’re going on a holiday this year, but because of the problems with the children, we’re looking for an affordable destination somewhere in Europe.

Our friends are looking for an affordable destination for a city break.

to make advance reservations

Meaning: to reserve the plane or train seats, to book your accommodation or to book tables in a restaurant before you go. It could be a few days in advance or well in advance.


Do you have to make advance reservations for the tours?

to encounter problems

Meaning: to come across or come up against problems, to have something that is going to cause you a little bit of discomfort on your holiday


When we encountered problems withe our rental accommodation there was little help around.

a packaged deal/holiday

Meaning: a holiday deal that combines everything.


We decided not to pick our own holiday this year. Instead, we went into a travel agent and bought a packaged deal.

A package holiday wasn’t such a bad idea. We had to do nothing.

value for money

Meaning: something that is not expensive and we don’t feel that we are charged too much


It was a nice holiday. Nice travel, nice atmosphere and overall value for money.

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English Travelling Collocations

to travel light

Meaning: to bring very few things with you when you travel somewhere


After our last trip to Europe, it was apparent we need to travel light.

self-catering accommodation

Meaning: an accommodation with facilities to cook your own meals


The big advantage of self-catering accommodation is that it’s usually a much lower cost than formal accommodation in a 3-4-5 star hotel.

do as locals do

Meaning: do something less touristy and which gives a true taste of local culture


The best way to really understand Rome is to do as locals do.

to get away from it all

Meaning: to escape your daily routine, typically by taking a holiday


Why don’t you get away from it all and escape to the country?

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