Phrasal Verbs for Everyday Actions

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Phrasal Verbs for Everyday Actions - A Day in My Life

This morning, like most mornings I woke up at around 6.30 am and got up (rose from bed after sleeping) quickly. Another busy day. I jumped into (went to) the shower and then dressed quickly and put on (got dressed) my clothes. I went into the kitchen and put together (prepared) a quick breakfast of porridge, toast and orange juice to kick start (to begin) my day.

I noticed that the rubbish bin was full so I went to the garden to put out (dispose of) the rubbish and dropped it into (placed it) the correct bins as we recycle everything. Once I had put away (disposed of) the rubbish I made up (prepared) my plan for the rest of the day. There were many tasks to carry out (to do). A friend had called me yesterday and I had promised to call him back (return his call) and give him some information. He was looking for some help with a project. I said I would look into (investigate) it last night and call him today with my opinion.

Phrasal Verbs for Everyday Actions - Infographic

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I spent several hours researching his problem and at last came up with (discovered or found) a solution I thought would work. I sent him a text and told him I would drop in (visit him) on the way to the park. I usually go to the park most mornings for a quick work out (exercise). I also wanted to catch up with (meet) my friend as we had not met face to face for a few weeks.

Later I promised to call into (go to) the supermarket to pick up (buy) some food for the next few days. I made a list of the food products that my wife wanted. She called them out and I took down (write on a list) the details. I usually go to the same supermarket every week but shop around (visit several places before choosing) for the best quality meat and fish.

When I returned home I switched on (turned on) my computer and logged on to the internet. I had a lot of emails to go through (to read) and it took me several hours to complete them. I looked through (read) a few reports and flicked through (looked quickly at) my presentation before my meeting scheduled for the next day.

Time to relax. I usually chill out (relaxed) listening to some music either on my phone or the radio. It was my turn to cook that night so I wanted to try out (to cook) a new recipe I had come across (found or discovered) recently. It didn’t turn out (it didn’t taste too bad) too bad and the family enjoyed something different.

List of Phrasal Verbs for Everyday Actions

to get up – to rise from bed after sleeping
to jump into – to go to
to put on – to get dressed
to put together – to prepare
to kick start – to begin
to put out – to dispose of
to drop something into – to place something
to put away – to dispose of
to make up – to prepare
to carry out – to do
to call someone back – to return a telephone call
to look into – to investigate
to come up with – to discover or to find
to drop in – to visit someone
to work out – to exercise
to catch up with – to meet
to call into – to go to
to pick up – to buy
to take down – to write a list
to shop around – to visit several places before committing to buy something
to switch on – to turn on
to go through – to read
to look through – to read
to flick through – to look quickly
to chill out – to relax
to try out – to cook
to come across – to find or discover
to turn out – to have a particular result

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