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English words and phrases connected to shopping

Unless you have been living in a bubble (cut off from the world!) for the past few years or on another planet you will have heard or experienced the “joys” of Black Friday. Black Friday is about serious shopping. Here are some English words and phrases connected to shopping.

Black Friday (dedicated to retail shopping in the malls and shopping centres) is the day immediately after the American thanks giving day which is usually the 4th Thursday in November. This year Black Friday is on the 24th November. If you are like me and you really despise (hate) shopping then unfortunately the next week will be a problem as the TV, internet and newspapers will be focusing on Black Friday and Cyber Monday (dedicated to on line shopping) as the beginning of the Christmas and New Year shopping seasons.

English Words and phrases connected to shopping

These days are a magnet (big attraction for) those shopaholics  (people who love to shop continuously) among us who love to “shop till they drop” (keep shopping until they are tired or run out of money or both!). Some retailers downplay (try to reduce its importance) the importance of Black Friday as they feel it prevents people from shopping normally right up to Xmas and they think whilst people spend a lot of money on the actual day they spend less overall up to Christmas Day.

Shopping for Christmas and the New Year seems to start earlier every year. Shops start promoting this season earlier and they are festooned with (decorated with) with Christmas decorations as early as September. This is referred to as Christmas creep (stretching the shopping period for Christmas).

However, for those in pursuit of (chasing/hunting/searching for) the perfect Christmas present or gift then this is a truly wonderful event. The 4 days from thanksgiving Thursday up to and including Cyber Monday are a shoppers paradise (place for the most pleasure!). They can pursue their hobby, enjoy their retail therapy (relaxing by going to the shops) and spend money they often do not have.

These four days are usually a time when people go bargain hunting and the retailers will attract the shopper with some interesting bargains to entice (attract) the customer in to their store. Everybody is looking for that item they call “a steal” (so cheap it is almost like robbery!).

So if you are going to get in the swing of it all (get fully involved in the experience) you only have a few days left. As Black Friday is a busy day you may need to get in a bit of training to improve your stamina. Happy hunting (good shopping)!

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