13 Phrasal Verbs With Bring

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Here you will learn English phrasal verbs with BRING and their meanings. Bring up, bring in, bring out and more.

As always, I will give you plenty of examples which will help you learn these phrasal verbs in context.

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13 Phrasal Verbs with BRING

13 Phrasal Verbs with Bring. Online English lessons on Zoom. Study advanced English at www.englishlessonviaskype.com #learnenglish

When I began to think about English phrasal verbs and their meanings and in particular 13 phrasal verbs with BRING that I realised how many ways we can use it. 

There are so many prepositions in English you can use with some really interesting meanings.

In its most simple way, the verb BRING means to carry with you, to take with you.

For example: 

Will I bring (take with you) my overnight bag in case we wish to stay the night in the city?


– Can I help you with those boxes?
– You take those two and I will bring the rest (to carry).

Intermediate to Advanced English Marathon

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

INSANITY: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

You also hear it in many other situations. On a recent weather forecast the lady said “there is a strong wind coming in from the west over the next few days bringing a lot of rain with it”.

When I was young, we always liked to go to the local church or school when they had a bring and buy sale for charity. 

For weeks the organisers would collect goods you did not want and then on the day of the bring and buy sale people would come and buy pieces of furniture, books and clothes that other people had donated (given for nothing). 

Today we call these car boot sales, it is the same but not for charity! People are just selling items they no longer need to raise some cash and clear some space in their homes.

13 Phrasal Verbs with BRING

bring about

to change something


The new government promised to introduce new laws and bring about change in relation to keeping wild animals as pets.

bring round to

1. to cause to regain consciousness


They poured cold water on his face in an effort to bring him round.

2. to persuade someone


She tried to bring him round to her way of thinking.

bring up

1. to raise a point.


At the meeting he insisted on speaking as he wanted to bring up the point about the new recruitment. Why was it taking so long?

2. to raise a child


Maria was brought up by her grandparents as her parents were abroad.

bring down

to cause something to stop. Often used to describe a political situation.


The constant strikes and demonstrations about the governments’ economic policies would soon bring down the government and force an early election.

13 Phrasal Verbs with Bring

13 Phrasal Verbs with Bring. Online English lessons on Zoom. Study advanced English at www.englishlessonviaskype.com #learnenglish

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bring along

to take with you


Would you like to come to my party next week? It’s my birthday. Bring along a friend if you like!

bring on

to cause something, usually unpleasant


I think the cold winter weather must have brought on her flu.

bring in

1. to take something that is outside and place it inside


It is going to rain. Would you mind bringing in the washing that is drying whilst I prepare lunch.

2. to create profit/money


His original marketing plan brought in a lot of money.

bring forward

to move an appointment or event to an earlier time or date


The final exam was brought forward by two days.

bring out

1. to create some change in a person either physical or in attitude


When Michael is in the office everyone is more relaxed. He has a great sense of humour. He brings out the best in everyone. (everyone feels happier, everyone works better).

2. to put on the market


The new game will be brought out next October.

3. to publish


The book will be brought out both in English and in French. 

bring back

to return or to re-appear


The movie was brought back by popular demand for 2 more weeks.

13 Phrasal Verbs with Bring

bring forth

to create, to cause something to happen


The sound of the orchestra brought forth thunderous emotions.

bring off

to accomplish something difficult


There was doubt in some quarters whether they could bring off this multi-million deal.

David is going to try and negotiate on our behalf with the boss. We want a bonus for all our hard work. I hope he can bring it off. I hope he will succeed.

bring out

to put  a new product on the market


The new game for PS5 will be brought out next November.

So as you can see the English language is once again fascinating in the many uses we can find for a simple five letter verb BRING.

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