Presentations in English

Here you will learn useful expressions and phrases for presentations in English:

  • setting the scene
  • moving on
  • dealing with questions
  • dealing with the unexpected
  • recapping
  • finish your presentation

You will also learn useful business English phrases with Conference call English vocabulary and 10 Ways to finish an email in English.

Presentations in English - Useful Phrases

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Presentations in English - Setting the Scene

Speaker’s opening remarks to an audience:

  • It’s good to see you all here.
  • I’m very pleased to be here.
  • I’m glad you could all make it.
  • Thanks for inviting me.
  • Thank you (all) for coming.

Other common phrases for starting off presentations in English:

  • My name’s …
  • I’d like to talk about …
  • I’d like to start by saying something about …
  • I’m planning to tell you about …
  • Today I’d like to introduce …

Phrases for describing the structure of a talk:

  • First I’ll describe …
  • Then I’ll discuss …
  • After that I’ll come to the main point.
  • Finally, I’d like to say something about …

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Presentations in English - Moving on

Phrases for finishing off a section of your presentation:

  • … that’s all I wanted to say …
  • Are there any questions so far?
  • Moving on to my next point.
  • To summarise what I have said so far …

Announcing a new point in yout presentation:

  • That leads me to my next point.
  • I’d now like to move on to …
  • Moving on to …
  • Now I’d like to talk about …

Sometimes you can announce the next slide/topic as follows:

  • So, next year’s budget …
  • So, sales in Europe …
  • Development plans for next years. These are …
  • Study programmes, have a look at …

Presentations in English - Dealing with Questions

Useful phrases for when you don’t know the answer to a question:

  • I’m afraid I can’t say …
  • I’m sorry, I don’t know the answer.
  • I’ll have to check this for you.
  • I’m not the best person to answer that.
  • You need to speak with …

Useful phrases when you can’t hear something:

  • Sorry, I didn’t catch your question.
  • Could you repeat the question?
  • Could you say that again?
  • Sorry, what did you say?

Presentations in English - Dealing with the Unexpected

Very useful phrases if you need time to check something or find something:

  • Could you bear with me …
  • Excuse me for a moment.
  • Just a moment.
  • Could you give me two minutes?

Useful English phrases if you forget what you wanted to say:

  • Sorry, where was I?
  • Can you/anyone help me?
  • Let me think.

Presentations in English - Recapping

Useful language for recapping/summarising what was said earlier in the presentation:

  • As I mentioned earlier …
  • As I pointed out earlier …
  • To sum up …
  • Let’s summarise briefly what we have looked at.
  • Here is a quick recap of the main points of this section.
  • I’d like to recap the main points.
  • Well, that’s about it for this part. We’ve covered…

Presentations in English - Coming to an End

Language for ending presentations in English:

  • I’d like to finish by thanking you all.
  • Thank you.
  • Thank you for inviting me.
  • Are there any questions?
  • … you are very welcome to contact me …
  • I’d be very happy to hear from you.
  • I’d welcome your feedback.
How to make presentations in English. Useful phrases. Improve business English with Harry at #learnenglish #englishlessons #tienganh #EnglishTeacher #vocabulary #ingles #อังกฤษ #английский #aprenderingles #english #cursodeingles #учианглийский #vocabulário #dicasdeingles #learningenglish #ingilizce #englishgrammar #englishvocabulary #ielts #idiomas

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