Advanced English Verbs For Persuading

Learn advanced English verbs for persuading. 

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List of Advanced English verbs

Advanced English verbs for persuading

So what are we going to talk to you about today?

Well, I thought we talk about advanced English verbs and verbs relating to persuading.

So when we want to persuade somebody, it’s about getting them to change their mind. 

Get them to do something that you want them to do, even though they want to do something else.

Generally, get them to have a shift in their particular opinion.

to brainwash

Meaning: to get someone to think the way you want them to think


If you fell into the wrong hands of the enemy, they would try to brainwash you.

Those people have completely brainwashed you. You think like the company; you do like the company.

to bring somebody around

Meaning: to persuade someone to have the same opinion as you have


I was trying to bring her around to my way of thinking, but she was too sensible.

With great diplomatic skills, they gradually brought him around to their side.

Advanced English verbs for persuading

Advanced English verbs for persuading. Advanced English lessons on Zoom and Skype. Improve English speaking and writing skills. #learnenglishnglish

to butter somebody up

Meaning: to flatter someone so they can do something for you


They buttered him up to get a VIP pass to the game.

We buttered up the restaurant manager in the hope that he would give us a table in our favourite restaurant.

to fob someone off

Meaning: to persuade sb to accept sth below what they were looking for 


The secretary fobbed the customer off onto the account manager.

They fobbed him off and persuaded him to buy a Pear phone.

-Did you manage to talk to your boss about the pay rise?

-Ah, he just fobbed me off with some excuse.

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to cajole


Meaning: to use flattery to get sb to do sth you want


He really knows how to cajole people to his own advantage.

My daughter cajoled me into buying a kitten.

to wheedle sth out of sb

Meaning: to try to persuade sb to do or give you sth by repeatedly asking questions


By skilful questioning, he finally wheedled it out of her.

She has been very successful in wheedling the information out of her daughter.

to hustle


Meaning: to try to persuade someone, especially to buy something


The man hustled us into buying more lemonade on the hot summer day.

The car dealer hustled me into buying a more expensive car.

to talk sb into sth

Meaning: to persuade someone to do sth


My wife finally talked me into taking some time off and going on that holiday.

Advanced English verbs for persuading

Advanced English verbs for persuading. Advanced English lessons on Zoom and Skype. Improve English speaking and writing skills. #learnenglishnglish

to urge

Meaning: to encourage sb to do sth with a bit of determination


I really urge you to consider this seriously.

I really would urge you for the last few months of the term to do an extra little bit of work, it’ll really pay off.

to rope sb into sth

Meaning: to persuade sb to do something


My wife roped me into watching this movie with her.

The club roped me into training the kids on a Saturday morning.

Okay, so they’re all verbs and expressions related to persuading, getting somebody to do what you want them to do.

So let me give them to you one more time:

  • to brainwash
  • to bring somebody around
  • to butter somebody up
  • to fob sb off
  • to cajole
  • to wheedle
  • to hustle
  • to talk sb into sth
  • to urge
  • to rope sb in

Okay, excellent.

So all of those verbs are advanced English verbs related to persuading.

Try a few of them, and see, if you can introduce them into your English speaking and writing.

Try not to use them all, of course, but try and use a few, and write about them.

And if you have any problems,  you can contact me any time.

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Thanks for listening and watching. Join me again soon.

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