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English Expressions with the Word THING

I covered this recently in a lesson with my students. You might be interested in reading about it or refreshing your memory about the topic. The following are useful English expressions with the word THING.

THING is often a word we use when we are stuck for (cannot remember) another more appropriate¬†word or we do not actually know what this THING is really called. For example, you often hear “Pass¬†me that thing over there!!” or “Could you pass me that thing, you know the thing for opening this¬†bottle!” So THING has many uses and people always seem to know what we are referring to.

However, THING is also used in many English expressions with real meaning. Here are some of those uses with examples.

English expressions with the word THING

Useful English Expressions with the Word THING

A THING OF THE PAST – We use this to describe something no longer in use or that is outdated.

ex. The fax machine is a thing of the past. Who uses them today? The typewriter is a thing of the past. Everyone uses a word processor.

TO HAVE A THING FOR SOMETHING (SOMEBODY) – We use this expression when we remember
something or somebody we really liked or enjoyed or still enjoy today.

ex. When I was young I had a thing for postage stamps and I had a huge collection. As I got older I lost interest.

He has a thing for Julia Roberts the actress. He really thinks she is beautiful and watches all her movies.

JUST ONE OF THOSE THINGS – When we cannot explain something fully but know it is an issue then we¬†often use this expression. For example, if someone is trying to explain why he likes or dislikes¬†something without being able to give a specific reason then you will hear them say “ah it’s just one¬†of those things‚ÄĚ.

ex. – Why do you not like going on a rollercoaster? Are you afraid?
РNo, not really I cannot explain it. It is just one of those things.

– Do you not like travelling on trains? Why? Is it the noise or the movement from side to side.
РI don’t really know it is just one of those things.

ONE THING LED TO ANOTHER – When a series of events take place resulting in an action then we can say.
“one thing led to another‚Ķ ”

ex. – Why are you home so late? And you are a little drunk!
– I know, I am sorry. I met my old school friend we got talking then had a beer. Then one thing led to another and we decided to have a few more!

THE IN- THING РFashions come and go and come again or so it seems. When something is in fashion we say it is the in- thing! So at the moment a particular hairstyle or a particular style or design of clothes will be the in-thing.

ex. – Hi how are you? Wow, I love the shoes. Where did you get them?
РThey were my Mum’s they are the in thing these days all the 70’s clothes are back in fashion.

FOR ONE THING РA very popular way to give a reason or reasons why we like or dislike someone or something.

ex. – Are you going to the match on Sunday ?
– No, for one thing the tickets will be a crazy price and I think I have to work as well.

IT’S A GOOD THING THAT – We use this expression in situations where we are fortunate or lucky that we¬†did something without really thinking about it.

ex. Oh dear its raining really heavy outside. Well it’s a good thing that I brought the umbrella!

It’s a good thing we left early for the airport. The traffic is terrible there must have been an accident.

Now you know most of useful Englsh expressions with the word THING. And you know what we mean when we ask you to pass that THING over there!

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