16 Better Ways to Say Angry or Annoyed in English

Welcome! In this English lesson, you will learn 16 better ways to say ANGRY or ANNOYED in English.

I’m sure all of us, at certain times, have become angry, and sometimes it is nice to know the right English words and phrases to use to be able to say a little more than just, “I’m angry!”

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Better Ways to Say Angry or Annoyed in English

Anger and annoyance are real strong emotions and feelings. When people get red in the face and steam and their eyes go narrow and do the teeth clench of all these different facial expressions that they make.

Number one is I AM ANGRY.

I’m angry because he didn’t reply to the email. He said he would and I’ve asked him three or four times and I’m not going to write again.

I’m angry or I’m really angry. I’m very angry.


Of course I’m annoyed. Wouldn’t you be annoyed? Yeah, I told them not to make noise. I was trying to do a recording and every time I tried to press the button go, he was playing his music. Anybody would be annoyed.

So annoyed as another form of anger.

If you’re really, really annoyed, you might be FUMING … Oof, oof… Steam’s coming out.

Oh, and he was fuming. I didn’t know what to say. I went into the boss and told them that I was leaving. I’ve got another offer. 

The next one is quite unusual. You might not have heard it before. HE WAS FIT TO BE TIED.

It means that he needed a straight jacket or that the people from the loony bin were going to come and tie him down because he was all really getting so annoyed and so aggressive. He was fit to be tied.

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He gets HOT UNDER THE COLLAR. You really feel steam come out and red neck or a red face and he’s a bit hot under the collar. He’s getting a little bit angry and perhaps a little bit aggressive too.

So there are many other ways. I mean, they’re all, as I say, exactly the same, meaning it’s about anger or being angry or being annoyed, but just different words. And this is the beauty of the English language.

After all, we have so many different ways to express the same emotion.

The next one is ENRAGED. Like something bigger is starting. He was enraged.

So he was in a restaurant, and the waitress dropped the bottle and spilled red wine all over his suit. He was really enraged.

She could see that he was SEETHING, you know, you really wanted to explore when we’re seething.

Or we could also say FUMING LIKE A FIRE.


Furious with rage. Furious with anger.

16 Ways to Say Angry in English

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A little less annoyed or a little less angry. You could use a word like DISPLEASED.

So when a parent is not so happy with what the child has done, they may not shout or scream, but the child will know from the look on the face that mother or father are very displeased. Mother or father might even say:

I’m really displeased with you. I was expecting better.

So you can be displeased or indeed you can be just UNHAPPY with something.

It’s a moderate form of anger.

Let’s go back to some more aggressive forms of, of anger and annoyance. So we’ve got words like INCENSED.

He was really, really annoyed, deep down he was incensed. He had been trying to close this account for many, many months.


He was outraged at the moment in the British parliament there, the prime minister, Boris Johnson has decided he’s going to close parliament for about five weeks. 

IRATE is when somebody can be annoyed and angry.

Usually we can use it with an irate customer.

How do you deal with an irate customer?

A wonderful question to be asked at an interview.

And an irate customer is somebody who is irritated. He’s annoyed that something has happened or something hasn’t happened.

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We can also use the word like RILED.

A bit of an American word. Riled means annoyed.

If you’re watching a hockey game and ice hockey game or a basketball game and somebody commits a foul just to rile his opposite number, so he hits him or he pushes them or he does something that the referee or umpire doesn’t see, he wants to get him riled and wants to get them a night or angry. 

And of course like a bull, you can be RAGING.

Raging like a bull is a good expression.

When the trees are blowing, the wind is strong, everything is happening, we can refer to it as a raging storm.

And then finally INFURIATED.

I like this word infuriated.

I’m infuriated when something doesn’t work out.

I’m infuriated when it doesn’t go the way that I would like it to go.

So there are lots and lots of ways to say angry or annoyed in English.

Let me just give them to you one more time.

  • I am angry
  • I am annoyed
  • I am fuming
  • Fit to be tied
  • Hot under the collar
  • Outraged
  • Furious
  • Displeased 
  • Unhappy
  • Incensed
  • Outraged
  • Irate
  • Riled
  • Raging like the bull
  • Infuriated

Okay, so remember as I said before, to subscribe to my YouTube channel and join me on www.englishlessonviaskype.com I’m going to join you very soon with some more helpful tips. Thanks a lot.

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Other Ways to Say Angry or Annoyed in English

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