Difference between DEAD and KILLED and MURDERED

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Another month came to an end! Where does the time go?

My first lesson today included a discussion about a movie classic set in the 1960’s in America called Mississippi Burning. The film starred Gene Hackman as a tough FBI agent. It concerns the civil rights movement in America and the Ku Klux Klan. In the film three civil right activists are killed. My student always confuses these words: to kill, to murder and to die. What is the difference between DEAD and KILLED? TO KILL vs TO MURDER? TO DIE vs DEATH?

What is the difference between dead and killed

Difference between TO KILL and TO MURDER:

TO KILL: We can either use kill/was killed. We use this word when something was responsible for the death of a person or animal.

The boy was cycling on the road and was killed by a car. The driver admitted that he killed the boy with his car.

TO MURDER: Usually used when someone deliberately sets out to end someone’s life.

The terrorist murdered twenty people in the shopping centre before he killed himself.

Difference between TO DIE and DEATH:

DIE: When someone is ill and unfortunately does not recover then they die or someone dies of natural causes, old age.

My grandmother died last week she was 90 years of age.

DEATH: A noun used when we refer to someone dying. His death was very sudden and unexpected.

There are very many words and phrases both formal and informal to describe a death; end of life, passing away, bereavement (formal), extermination and eradication.

We also use phrases like a “dead end “to mean you can go no further. I tried to find out about that story but every clue was useless and I eventually reached a dead end.

I was “dead lucky “to find that job. This means being really lucky.

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