English Expressions about Friendship

Here you will learn English expressions about friendship. These expressions will help intermediate English students to talk about friendship in English correctly.

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English Expressions about Friendship

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Where would we be without friends? Friendship is very important for everybody. 

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Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

INSANITY: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

to make friends easily

When someone has a pleasant personality and is quite easy going and everyone wants to be his/her friend. They are said to make friends easily.


Declan was looking forward to going to University. He did not mind leaving home. In a few weeks, he would be having a good time. He found it easy to make friends wherever he went.

to hit it off

When two people really like each other from almost the first minute they meet we can say they hit it off immediately or they really hit it off.


John was introduced to Kevin at the party. They had a lot in common and agreed to meet for a beer the next week. Within a short period of time, they were very good friends. They hit it off from the first time they met.

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strange bedfellows

In the previous expression to hit it off, we referred to two people who get along immediately as soon as they met each other.

However, we sometimes can not see the reason why two people such as these would be friends at all. We do not see anything in common or anything that we feel would make them become so friendly.

In this situation, we say

They are strange bedfellows. What have they got in common?

get along/on with someone

Another way to describe when someone has no difficulty making friends with other people.


Sally is a really nice girl. She is always helping others. She is easy to get along with (or easy to get on with). Everyone likes her.

English Expressions about Friendship


An informal word used to describe how two people became friends very quickly.


They clicked the moment they met. So Barry and Yvonne were celebrating their 10th Wedding Anniversary. They had been together for 12 years. They liked each other the first moment they met. Neither of them could explain it really they just clicked!

to have your back 


to look out for you

These are English expressions about friendship that used by really good friends.

It means they are there to support each other through good and bad. When you are going through a tough time it is good to know that you have a friend who will protect you. Someone who has your back.


David and Tom had been friends since their school days together. They did everything together. They played on the same team, went out at weekends. They were quite protective of each other. They promised to look out for each other (protect) no matter what took place.

“I will always have your back” Tom said to David, “Likewise”replied David.

⭐️ Friends is a very common word used to describe those closest to us who are not family members. We can also use several other words that have the same meaning:

  • BUDDY – American English
  • MATE (plural MATES) – British English
  • PALS

Other English expressions about friendship include best friends or close friends.

We can also be childhood friends (a long time) or school friends.

When we have these sort of friendships the adjectives we can use to describe the friendship in English include:

⭐️ inseparable – always together

or a noun to describe such a relationship is:

⭐️ a bromance – a relatively new English word that is a combination of Brother and Romance.

Let’s move on and learn 4 English Idioms and about Friendship

English Idioms and Expressions about Friendship

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a shoulder to cry on

Meaning: When there is a serious crisis in our lives and we really need a friend to help and listen to us we often look for a shoulder to cry on

Someone friendly and helpful who will listen to our woes (problems).


Joanna had just lost her mother (her mother died suddenly) and now she had learnt that her father needed immediate surgery. She called Kate, she could always rely on Kate to give her a shoulder to cry on when she needed it.

A Shoulder to Cry On Idiom Meaning

a shoulder to cry on meaning - video lesson

two peas in a pod

Meaning: Have you ever taken peas out of their pods when they are growing in your garden?

The peas are identical. It is very difficult to see any difference.

When two friends are very close, like the same things, do the same things people will say:


Oh, look at those two. Always together always doing the same thing they are like two peas in a pod.

Two Peas in a Pod Meaning

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joined at the hip

Meaning: Similar in meaning to like two peas in a pod.

Joined at the hip refers to two friends who are always seen together. They are always hanging out together (in each others company). They are inseparable.


Those two are joined at the hip. Where ever one is the other is sure to be close by.

through thick and thin

Meaning: When a friend has shared all our ups and downs (positives and negatives) with us and we have shared all of his/hers we can genuinely say we have been through everything together. We have been through thick and thin. We have seen the positives and the negatives. True friendship. 


Antonio and Jaime had been friends since they were children. They went to the same school, studied at the same university and shared many other life experiences. They had been through thick and thin together.

A friend in need is a friend indeed!

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