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Learn English words to describe similarities

Today with a student I have been discussing the various ways to say something is similar to something else. What words come to mind when you think of this? Let’s learn English words to describe similarities.

English words to describe similarities


English words to describe similarities

SIMILAR (adj)/SIMILARITY (n) – When two people or things are not exactly the same but are almost the same then you can use similar.

The hairstyles were similar. A few changes but very similar. I noticed the similarities as soon as I looked at the photos.

SAME (AS) – When two people or things are exactly like each other then you can use “ same”.

John was reading Lord of the Rings part 1 chapter 2. I was reading exactly the same part of the book. What a coincidence.

Anna’s hairstyle is the same as mine.

IDENTICAL –  Always used when looking at twin brother or sisters where they look exactly the same.

Have you any identical twins in your school? Yes, we have three sets of twins. Two are identical but I can see differences in the third set.But it is not always about boys/girls. The streets were identical, the same houses and trees on both sides. Only the names differed.

LOOK ALIKE/LOOKS LIKE – They are not identical but have some similarities.

You would know they are brothers. They look alike

He reminds me of his father. Yes, he looks like him alright.

SPITTING IMAGE OF – This is very informal but used to speak of similarities often in people.

He is the spitting image of that guy from the rock band. What is his name? He looks like him ,same hairstyle and everything!

HIS DOUBLE or DOUBLE OF – another informal way to refer to similarities between people.

He is the double of the actor from that science fiction film.

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Some English idioms about similarities also spring to mind:

Like two peas in a pod – all peas look the same

The mirror image of – like looking in a mirror

In order to learn English words to describe similarities, try to practice and use them in a sentence.

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