20 Advanced Adjectives In English

I’ll be giving you 20 advanced adjectives in English to build your vocabulary.

This English lesson is useful for students studying for IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, and other English proficiency exams, as well as those looking to improve their written and spoken English.

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List of English adjectives

20 Advanced adjectives in English

Today, we’re looking at advanced English adjectives.

And these adjectives are going to help you to improve your advanced English vocabulary.

I’m going to go through them one by one, I’ve got 20 advanced adjectives, so it’s a long list.

I’ll go through them one by one, I’ll give you an explanation, and then I’ll give you some examples.

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The first one is


Meaning: pleasant and friendly


He is an affable man, always willing to stop and talk.

The bar manager was very affable and knowledgeable, the staff gave us great service and attention.


Meaning: having a lot of money, wealthy


Children coming from affluent families are less likely to get into crime and other anti-social activities.

Most affluent countries and cities invested heavily in bigger and better-designed roads and motorways.


Meaning: somebody who doesn’t have as much as other people


The children looked happy and content, despite the deprived conditions that they lived in.

A teenager from a deprived area has been awarded a place at a medical school.


Meaning: somebody who has almost nothing, extremely poor


The floods have left thousands of people destitute cutting them off from clean water, food and healthcare.

He looked destitute when he came into my house. He looked as if he had been sleeping rough for some time.


Meaning: very useful and skillful, particularly with your hands


In order to be the next Michael Jordan, you have to be dexterous at basketball.

She was very dexterous with her hands and her embroidery was beautiful.

20 Advanced adjectives in English

Learn 20 advanced adjectives in English. Advanced English lessons on Zoom and Skype. #learnenglishnglish


Meaning: doubtful or unsure


These claims are dubious and not backed by science.

She was dubious about the idea, but they convinced her that it would be a success.


Meaning: complicated or with a lot of details, well decorated


They made elaborate preparations for his visit.

Living in France will make you addicted to elaborate dishes and a glass of wine during lunch.


Meaning: generates or produces deep feelings or images


The music was evocative, especially at the beginning of the play.

All of the photos were very evocative.


Meaning: difficult to believe


The story I read on social media was a little bit far-fetched.

Many thought it was a far-fetched idea that would never work, but they have again proven everyone wrong. It was a great event.


Meaning: not so useful, valuable, or important


Rich people spend money on frivolous things.

She was a frivolous young woman who spent most days going to parties.

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Meaning: full of happiness


Mrs Wilson gave a gleeful smile that made her look younger than her years.

He was gleeful at the way his job was going.


Meaning: showing determination and courage


The first half of the book was gritty and harsh, but the second half was predictable.

The team was gritty and resilient but it was enough to pull out first place.


Meaning: naive, we believe anything anybody tells us


He was gullible enough to believe that they were doing him a favour.

Scammers use gullible people to make money.


Meaning: something great, something big


This book will be of immense value to mechanical engineers.

This work requires an immense amount of time and patience.


Meaning: looking big and important


The large wardrobe was too imposing and made the room seem smaller.

The former mayor is still an imposing figure in the political arena.

20 Advanced adjectives in English

Learn 20 advanced adjectives in English. Advanced English lessons on Zoom and Skype. #learnenglishnglish


Meaning: difficult to accept, imagine or understand


Modern mathematics is mind-boggling, I don’t understand it.

The government’s pension reform is mind-boggling.


Meaning: something that is noticeable


There has been a perceptible change in the climate.

The improvement in our living standards is barely perceptible.


Meaning: really scared


She was petrified when she heard she was losing her job.

I was petrified when confronted by a very large dog in the park.


Meaning: something that is believable


His excuse for not doing his homework was actually plausible this time.

The agent’s reasons for the cancellation of the concert were not plausible.


Meaning: have not practised something in a long time


Our French was very rusty but with the aid of a dictionary, we were able to get around.

I’m pretty rusty at this game. I haven’t played golf for years.

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Okay, so there you have it.

20 advanced adjectives in English that will help you to improve your vocabulary and your speaking skills in English. 

As I’ve said before, you won’t remember all of them, but try and practice some of them. Try to put them into sentences and try to introduce one or two of them into your English conversations.

If you have any further problems, contact me at englishlessonviaskype.com

I am always happy to help you. Always happy to hear from you. Thanks for listening. Join me again for the next lesson.

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