20 Collocations With Make

Learn 20 collocations with ‘make.’

In this advanced English lesson, you will learn useful collocations with ‘make’ and will never confuse ‘make’ with ‘do’.

Learn 20 English collocations to enhance your English speaking and writing skills and become a confident speaker.

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20 Collocations with make

I’m going to focus solely on ‘make’ to avoid any confusion. So, all of these expressions involve ‘make,’ but they are not the most common ones, as many of those are quite straightforward.

I won’t be discussing making breakfast or making your bed, which are simple examples, like making breakfast every morning or making your bed when you get up before heading to work.

Instead, I’m going to look into slightly more complex expressions or ones you may not have used before, but you can certainly give them a try. I have a list of 20 collocations with make for you.

Many students confuse “make” and “do”. What do we make and what do we do? Let me just give you a quick note about that.

use ‘make’

when you create or produce something


My mother made a cake yesterday.

This tablecloth is made of linen.

BMW cars are made in Germany.

use ‘do’

when you perform an action or a task


I need to do my homework.

He does his daily exercise routine.

Can you do the dishes, please?

So I’m going to give you 20 collocations with ‘make’. I will look at the ones that are a little bit more complicated. Let’s start:

make a deal

Meaning: to agree on or arrange an agreement (usually in a business or negotiation context)


Tom went to the dealership, hoping to make a deal on a used car that would fit their budget.

After months of searching, they finally made a deal on their dream house.

make a deadline

Meaning: to complete a task or project within the specified time limit


John and Lisa worked hard to make the deadline for finishing their house redecoration.

We need to work harder this week to ensure we make that deadline by the end of the month.

make a fool of yourself

Meaning: to behave in a way that embarrasses or humiliates you


At the party last night, John got terribly drunk and fell on the dance floor, making a fool of himself in front of everyone.

Sarah accidentally said something highly inappropriate, making a fool of herself in front of her colleagues.

make a fortune

Meaning: to become very wealthy or earn a significant amount of money


Mark Zuckerberg co-founded Facebook and made a fortune as the social media platform’s success grew.

John inherited a substantial sum of money from his elderly aunt and made a fortune.

20 Collocations with make

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make a fuss 

Meaning: (of sb or over sth) to show a lot of attention, care or get very excited or worried about sth


On his 80th birthday, the family gathered to make a fuss of Grandad with a cake and lots of love.

Susan adores her dog Rover and always makes a fuss, giving him treats and petting him.

Oh, great. It would be lovely to see you and the kids again. But please don’t make a fuss.

make a mess

Meaning: to create disorder or untidiness in an area or situation


When I opened the door to Josh’s room, I was shocked to see that he had made a mess.

You can play upstairs in the attic room, but promise me not to make a mess.

make a mistake

Meaning: to do something incorrectly or inaccurately


Oops, I made a mistake. I have to erase this and start again.

Harry made a mistake when he booked his flight, arriving at the airport on the wrong date.

make a point

Meaning: to express or highlight something important or meaningful in a conversation or discussion


Excuse me, I’d like to make a point here.

Oh, that was a good point he made yesterday.

Meaning: (of something) to deliberately pay attention to or emphasise a particular thing or action


Ok, I’ll make a point of calling her. And I’ll call round and bring cake and flowers.

make a promise

Meaning: to say you will definitely do something in the future


We make promises, but sometimes we do not keep them.

Parents often make promises to their children, such as buying them a new toy for their birthday.

Make a promise to yourself to stop eating sweets and start eating healthily.

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make friends

Meaning: to meet and become friendly with other people


In the first week of school, Adam made friends with Sarah and Mark, and he settled in well.

He made friends when he started university and enjoyed those friendships throughout his college years.

make fun

Meaning: (of somebody) to tease or mock someone in a way that might embarrass them 


Samantha felt awful when she overheard Jessica and Emily making fun of her at school.

Meaning: to create an atmosphere or engage in activities that are enjoyable


At the swimming pool, we always find a way to make fun, whether it’s playing water games or racing down the slide.

You can make your own fun by playing board games, building with Lego, or simply using a cardboard box.

make do

Meaning: to manage or cope with the resources or things that are available, even if they are not ideal


No, I really don’t want takeaway. It’s so unhealthy. I’ll make do with what we have in the fridge.

There is enough here. I’ll make do with what I have here and come up with some recipes.

make a living

Meaning: to earn the money needed to support oneself and cover expenses, such as housing, food, and other necessities


How do you make a living?

I would like to make a decent living. I’d like a job that will allow me to buy my own home.

It’s a really interesting job, but will you make a living?

make yourself heard/known/understood

Meaning: to ensure that others notice you, recognise you or understand what you’re saying


You might have to speak up a little more loudly to make yourself heard.

Perhaps you’ll have to speak up a little more intellectually to make yourself heard.

When teaching English, you need to speak more slowly to make yourself understood.

He made himself known by scoring the school football team’s winning goal.

He made himself known by achieving the highest sales in the department for two consecutive months.

make sense

Meaning: something is understandable or logical


Come on, you’re not making sense. What happened? Take a deep breath and tell me slowly.

This just doesn’t make any sense at all. This is all over the place!

20 Collocations with make

Collocations with make. English speaking skills. Improve English speaking skills. Upgrade your vocabulary. English grammar rules. Improve English speaking. Advanced English lessons on Zoom and Skype. Improve English speaking and writing skills. #learnenglish

make someone’s day

Meaning: to do something or say something that brings happiness, joy, or a positive feeling to someone


All the presents and having my friends around on my birthday truly made my day.

Her husband’s thoughtful gift on their anniversary really made her day.

make time

Meaning: to set aside or create a period in your schedule for a specific activity or person


In her busy schedule, she always tries to make time to spend with her son.

Please send me the file. I’ll make time somehow, and I’ll get it done.

make believe

Meaning: pretending or imagining things that are not real


Emily loves to make believe she’s a superhero, wearing a cape and saving imaginary worlds.

At the costume party, Sarah decided to make believe she was a famous movie star.

make or break

Meaning: a critical moment that will either lead to success or failure, with no middle ground in between


The next few months will make or break us. If we don’t secure those new customers, our business could be seriously affected.

It’s time for us to make or break it. We need to put in every effort we can to get those invoices paid.

makes two of us

Meaning: “I feel the same way” or “I am in the same situation.”


Ha, that makes two of us! I feel exactly the same way. It’s been a long, long year.

When you said you were tired, it makes two of us. I had a long day too.

Okay, so there are 20 collocations with ‘make.’  Students often confuse ‘make’ and ‘do,’ so here, we’re discussing making concrete things. I’ve provided you with a list of them. Some of these may seem a bit unusual, and you might not have heard them before.

Practice them, listen to my examples, and try to come up with your own. If you encounter any difficulties and need more help, as I mentioned earlier, you can find me at www.englishlessonviaskype.com.

I’m very happy to hear from you and assist you. I truly appreciate you listening and watching and the comments you send my way. This is Harry saying goodbye for this particular lesson. Please join me again soon.

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