Advanced Adjectives To Describe Travel Experiences

Learn English adjectives to describe travel or travel experience. I will also give you the nouns that collocate with these adjectives.

Learning these adjectives will help you improve your vocabulary in English.

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List of adjective to talk about travel

Adjectives to describe travel experiences

In this lesson, I have 10 adjectives for you that will help you describe your travel experience.

And because these adjectives are connected with travel or travel experiences, a lot of them will collocate with very similar words.

But at least they’ll give you a choice of words with which you can use them. I’ll try and give you some of those popular collocations.

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Meaning: leaves an impression, something lasting in your memory

  • impressive hotel
  • impressive reception area
  • impressive setting
  • impressive entrance


The main architecture is very, very old, but it is really clean and well maintained. The whole look of the hotel is impressive.

When you walk into the reception area, it is impressive. Everything about the entrance, and the setting is very impressive. 


Meaning: something that gives you a lot of information, something that you didn’t know about

  • remarkable gallery
  • remarkable exhibition
  • remarkable museum
  • remarkable information


A remarkable gallery! I really didn’t know anything about him before I visited this gallery.

The information I got was really remarkable. I can use it in my lessons for my students in the history classes.

Adjectives to describe travel experiences

English adjectives to describe travel experiences. Advanced English lessons on Zoom and Skype. #learnenglish


Meaning: quality, better than average, amazing

  • superb food
  • superb menu
  • superb weather
  • superb facilities


It was superb food every night, there was always the chef’s choice on the menu.

If I wanted one word to describe the holiday, it was superb.


Meaning: something that shocks us or surprises us in a positive way

  • astonishing experience
  • astonishing details
  • astonishing transformation


Breakfast was excellent. It’s astonishing how much food you can eat when you’re on holiday.

The amount of food I ate was astonishing.

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Meaning: really, really beautiful

  • stunning view
  • stunning hotel
  • stunning museum


When we visited this place for the first time, we were completely taken aback. The views were stunning.

The museum was stunning. Last year it won an award for its architecture.


Meaning: impressive, exciting

  • dramatic view
  • dramatic journey
  • dramatic events


When you look down, it’s quite dramatic. The water falls down several hundred metres, and then the spray comes back up again.

The plane journey turned out to be dramatic. There was a lot of turbulence.


Meaning: unusual and interesting

  • exotic fruit
  • exotic location
  • exotic tree
  • exotic animal


I’m not sure about their honeymoon. I think they picked some exotic location in the Caribbean.


Meaning: unusual or different, something you haven’t done before

  • unique experience
  • unique tradition
  • unique exhibition


For me, going on a cruise ship would be a unique experience because I haven’t done it before.

The tea ceremony in Japan is a unique tradition only known to the Japanese.

Adjectives to describe travel experiences

English adjectives to describe travel experiences. Advanced English lessons on Zoom and Skype. #learnenglish


Meaning: really beautiful, very impressive

  • breathtaking view
  • breathtaking drive
  • breathtaking interior
  • breathtaking scenery


When I got off the cable car at the top of the mountain, the views were breathtaking.

When walking around Niagara Falls, the scenery is simply breathtaking.


Meaning: something that you are going to remember in the future

  • memorable holiday
  • memorable honeymoon
  • memorable dinner
  • memorable occasion


We had a really memorable honeymoon. We spent a lot of money, but it was wonderful, really memorable.

The hiking trip was really memorable. We climbed over a mountain and visited places that we hadn’t expected to see.

Our dinner on Friday night was memorable. It was a clear night, and we could see different places.

Here are the advanced English adjectives to describe travel experiences. Let me give them to you one more time:

  • impressive
  • remarkable
  • superb
  • astonishing
  • stunning
  • dramatic
  • exotic
  • unique
  • breathtaking
  • memorable

I hope, you enjoyed this lesson. Try to use them in your conversational English. If you need help, come back to me and I’ll give you more examples.

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