Useful Collocations With Give

Learn English collocations with give in this advanced English lesson.

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list of collocations with give

useful collocations with give

As I said, in this advanced English lesson, we’re looking at collocations with the verb “give.”

And “give” is one of the easiest, and most frequently used verbs.

Unusually today I have 14 English collocations on the list. I’m going to go through them, and then I’m going to give you a situation when you can use them. There’ll be plenty of opportunities for you to practice

give it some thought

Leave it with me. I’ll give it some thought and I’ll get back to you.

We like going there for the holidays, but I’ll give it some thought and I’ll get back to you.

give an example

When I’m giving lessons I always give examples. They will help you better understand the topic.

give (somebody) a call

Give me a call when you get back from your trip.

I’ll give you a call if anything comes up.

I’ll give you a call when I get there.

Give mum a call, she’s a little upset she hasn’t heard from you.

I took a call when you were at lunch. Could you give Mike a call?

give a hand

Meaning: to give someone help

Can you give your grandma a hand? Bring in the dishes and set up the table.

Can you give your grandad a hand digging up the vegetables?

give a speech

When you get married, you’ll have to give a speech.

Sarah’s dad gave a short speech at her 21st birthday dinner.

My whole family relied on me to give a speech on my aunt’s special birthday.

The manager gave a speech about everything that John has done.

The first time I had to give a speech, it was a disaster.

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give notice

Meaning: to end something

I’m going to tell the boss tomorrow, I’m going to give my notice.

Our lease was up. We gave our landlord notice that we intended to move.

give an opinion

Some people give opinions on everything, even when people don’t want them.

give an answer

In this multiple choice exam, you only have 30 seconds to give your answer to each question.

useful collocations with give

give evidence

Meaning: to give information formally and in person in a law court

There was a bike accident, and the witness had to go to court to give his evidence about what happened.

give priority

Meaning: to deal with or do (something) first

We need to give priority to those orders that came in two or three weeks ago.

Priority will be given to those students who live outside the city.

Priority will be given to emergency cases. If you don’t have a serious illness, you should go to your GP.

useful collocations with give

English collocations with give. Advanced English lessons on Zoom and Skype. #learnenglish

give information

Tourist leaflets will give information about local sites that you can visit and things that you can do.

give a description

If you witnessed a robbery, the policeman might ask you to give a description of the person.

give credit

Meaning: to thank someone for a job well done

I must give credit to all of you, who worked so hard on getting this launch ready. It’s been very successful.

I’d like to give credit to the IT staff who got the system up and running in time.

give a performance

The band gave a performance of their life, really nothing as good as this.

The football manager told the team to go out and give the spectators a performance that they will be proud of.

So there are 14 particular collocations with that very simple verb to give.

Let me give them to you one more time.

  • give it some thought
  • give an example
  • give somebody a call
  • give a hand
  • give a speech
  • give notice (either in writing or verbally)
  • give an opinion
  • give an answer
  • give evidence
  • give priority to (somebody or something)
  • give information
  • give a description
  • give credit
  • give a performance

Okay, so 14 particular collocations, advanced collocations with give.

And as always, pick out some that you think you can use, and practise them. 

If you need help, come back to me. Don’t forget to check out online English lessons on Zoom and Skype and book a trial lesson.

Thank you for listening and watching.

As always, this is Harry saying goodbye until next time, join me again soon.

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