English Verbs Related To Conflicts

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English Verbs Related To Conflicts

English verbs related to conflicts. Study English advanced level. Online English lessons at englishlessonviaskype.com Click the link

Hi there, this is Harry and welcome back to my podcast where I try to give you a better understanding of the English language. To help you with your communication. To help you with your business English, phrasal verbs, expressions, grammars, pronunciation, every aspect of English that you could possibly think of, it’s all here in one location. 

So what are we going to talk to you about today? Well, we’re going to talk to you about some verbs. And in particular, we’re going to talk to you about conflict. English conflict verbs are verbs relating to conflict. So conflict is when people have disputes or problems or difficulties.

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Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

INSANITY: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

to break out

Meaning: to start

Where did the virus first break out?

Before the conflict broke out, the province was largely free from hunger.

And we can also break out of prison.

Meaning: to escape, to become free

The prisoners tied a rope around the bars of the prison and then on the horse. They pulled until the bars come away and they were able to break out.

to defeat

Meaning: to win, to beat someone in competition or in a race, to become victorious

The Liberal Party have defeated the party in power.

When do you think we will defeat the enemy? 

You can also use it in relation to a sport, and that’s a conflict as well.

The player defeated the opponent  7-5, 7-5, 7-5. It was a narrow defeat.

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to capture

Meaning: to take prisoner

The soldiers were sent to town to capture some prisoners so that they could be questioned as to what the plans of the operation were going to be.

We can use capture in a slightly less conflict way.

Meaning: to collect, to gather, to record

Try to capture as much of the speech as you can.

Oh, you’ve captured his image really well. 

  • to capture information
  • to capture the picture
  • to capture the moment

to loot

Meaning: to take something that doesn’t belong to you from shops, when there are some riots taking place

More than 200 shops have been looted during the riot.

Conflict Verbs in English

English verbs related to conflicts. Study English advanced level. Online English lessons at englishlessonviaskype.com Click the link

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to overthrow

Meaning: to get and put in place somebody else in place of the president (prime minister, leader, etc)

The military overthrew the sitting president. He was arrested and thrown out of the country.

The people persuaded the army to overthrow the government, to take charge and hopefully, elect a new president.

to declare

Meaning: to announce

  • to declare war
  • to declare a victory
  • to declare an amnesty

Three months later, an amnesty was declared for most political prisoners and underground activists.

English Verbs Related To Conflicts

to execute

Meaning: to kill someone as a punishment

As a result of the Nuremberg process, approximately 200 war criminals were executed.

But in a less painful way, we can execute a plan.

Meaning: to carry out

The military leaders gathered around the table to discuss the best way to execute the plan.

to retreat

Meaning: to move backwards from the position that you held

The attack failed, and the rest of the troops retreated back into the camp.

English Verbs Related To Conflicts

to shell

Meaning: to drop bombs or fire rockets onto the opposing forces

The army continued to shell the city for two days.

They continued the military to shell the opposition troops hoping that they would then surrender.

Which is our next verb,

to surrender

Meaning: to lay down the arms, walk up to the enemy and give themselves over as prisoners

Around 200 soldiers were killed, many of them were wounded and the rest of the army surrendered by May 21.

In order to save many people from further pain and suffering, they agreed to surrender.

Okay, so there are English verbs related to conflict:

  • to break out
  • to capture
  • to defeat
  • to loot means
  • to overthrow
  • to declare
  • to execute means
  • to retreat
  • to shell
  • to surrender

So there you have those verbs of conflict or conflict verbs in English connected with war situations. Thankfully, in the modern world, there are very few of those. So hopefully, you get a chance to look at them to enjoy them. englishclass101

And of course, if you have any questions, if you don’t understand something, come back to me. And I’ll very happily give you some other examples. If you want to contact me then you can do so on www.englishlessonviaskype.com.

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As always, thanks for listening. Join me again soon.

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