12 Other Ways to Say It’s Hot in English

Here you will learn 12 other ways to say it’s hot in English. Learn to describe hot weather in English and improve your speaking skills.

Weather is a very popular topic for small talk conversation in English. So what other ways to say hot weather or it’s hot outside can you use?

Hi there. I’m teacher Harry. And welcome back to my advanced English lessons.

List of expressions for hot weather

12 other ways to say it's hot in english

Today I want to talk to you about different expressions, particularly to do with the weather and particularly to do with hot weather. Ways in which we can say I am hot. 

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INSANITY: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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Okay, so let’s get back to what we’re going to talk to you about today. And that’s about the heat. How many ways we can say I’m hot. If you’re like me and you’re sitting in the middle of Europe and you’ve had some really hot weather, particularly towards the end of June and the last few days that temperatures have been soaring.


means to go really high. So you’re feeling a bit really, really hot. So how many different ways can we say I’m hot, I’m hot, I’m hot, I’m hot.

So there might be other ways to say it. So let’s have a look at those.

So when we talk about the heat, it can be you personally hot because you’re working in the kitchen and it’s really hot, or you’re outside and the garden and it’s really hot. Or just simply you’re talking about the weather. When somebody asks you, what’s the weather like today? It’s hot. What’s it like? Oh, it’s really, really hot.

12 Other Ways to Say It's Hot in English

12 Other Ways to Say It's Hot in English. Advanced English vocabulary. Study advanced English. Online English lessons on Zoom and Skype at www.englishlessonviaskype.com #learnenglish #englishlessons

So in how many different ways can we say it? Okay, well let’s have a look at a few. A lot of them actually are connected with cooking, strangely. So when you’re in the kitchen, you can use a lot of these and you can see the reference that I’m making. So I can say:

👩‍🦰 What’s the weather like?

👩‍🦱 Oh, it’s boiling today.

it’s boiling (hot)

Like boiling water for a cup of tea. It’s boiling.

So you’re going to imagine yourself, bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble… Yeah, so it’s boiling. And if you look at the thermometer and the temperature is, you know, plus 37 plus 38 degrees centigrade, well it’s not too far away from where water will boil. So hence the word, it’s boiling.

Or we can say


So just be careful how you pronounce that. And also look at the spelling stifling. S. T. I. F. L.I. N. G.

Stifling means I can hardly breathe. Do you know when you go out into that warm, warm, humid atmosphere yet? Oh God, I can’t, I can hardly breathe it. Stifling. Yeah. Like walking into a room where the windows have been closed for a day and there’s no fresh air is stifling.

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it’s roasting

Another reference to food, like putting the chicken in the oven at Christmas time to get that nice golden brown roasted colour.

– So what’s the weather like?

– Oh, it’s roasting. I feel like a chicken in the oven. It’s roasting.

Roasting hot. So you touch it. It will burn. Okay. Roasting.


Barbecue time sizzling. It’s like putting the sausages on the barbecue and you can hear that the meat sizzles. So the weather can also be sizzling hot. Yeah. So it’s like stepping into a barbecue wouldn’t recommend it, but it’s like stepping into a barbecue or sitting on the barbecue. So sizzle, sizzling, sizzling hot. S. I .Z. Z. L. I. N. G. and get that pronunciation. Sizzling.

it’s burning

So simple. It’s burning. Yeah.

– What’s the weather like?

– Oh, it’s burning.

So when somebody said it’s burning out there, well it’s not literally burning like a fire, but it’s, you can almost see the heat rising from the ground and you look out and say, well, not even the birds and the trees are, I would rather the animals, they’re all hiding because the temperatures really burning on you might see a weather forecast, particularly in the American weather forecast.

It’s burning out there folks. So just be careful when you go out, have some water or cover your head, whatever it happens to be, it’s burning out there.

Okay, so


is another way to say it’s really hot, like tropical weather conditions.

If you’ve ever travelled far away to the Far East and you’re near the equator, you’ve got this, these tropical conditions and it’s very hot all of the time. Morning, noon and evening, and you get this intense heat. It’s, you can feel the humidity, it rains part of the day, but it doesn’t change how hot it is so, well, it’s tropical out there. It’s tropical here. We’re all sweating and where we’re trying to get some air conditioning to work.


is another word, a bit like the word I used earlier on, stifling sweltering, so S. W. E. L. T. E. R. I. N. G. When you’re sweltering, you’re really hot.

Perspiration, running down your face and you’re feeling, oh my God, I want to get home and jump into the shower, jump into a swimming pool. If you’re lucky enough to have one close by.

So sweltering conditions today folks, it’s really hot out there. You’re going to have to get to the beach as early as you can because you know everybody’s feeling the heat. It’s plus 37 plus 38 so all of these warning signs now they talk about the traffic, light warning signs of amber and orange or red when it’s really, really hot. Okay, so sweltering conditions, all this conversational topics for weather.

Other Ways to Say It's Hot in English

12 Other Ways to Say It's Hot in English. Advanced English vocabulary. Study advanced English. Online English lessons on Zoom and Skype at www.englishlessonviaskype.com #learnenglish #englishlessons

it’s scorching

It’s scorching hot means you can hardly touch it. That’s scorching hot. You know, we touch the kettle that you’re buying and water by accident, or you touch the stove when it switched on it. Oh, you’ve scorched something.  You scorch your fingers.

So when it’s scorching hot, it’s really, really hot. Walking in the desert. If you’ve gone to Dubai or someplace like that and you go out and one of these treks into the desert within minutes, you can feel the sand hot under your feet. It’s scorching. Okay.

it’s steamy

Steamy, gives you the sensation of steam rising from a hot shower or from a hot bath. So it’s when you walk outside, it’s like walking into a sauna, steamy that heat rises and your looking for somewhere to hide or you’re looking for some something to drink. So it can be really, really steamy.

And then the other expression, when it’s warm and stifling and humid, we use the word 


That has a lot to do with the atmosphere has been so true that you, you can’t breathe, it’s very humid. Perspiration runs down your face, down your back and you’re feeling really uncomfortable.

So the conditions are very sultry, usually in the early summer. Uh, but as the summer gets on, a bit later, it becomes hotter. And then we would use words like scorching. Okay.

12 Other Ways to Say It's Hot in English

Or a very simple reference again to the kitchen. 

it’s baking hot

It’s baking hot in here. Who? Who didn’t open the windows? We have to open the windows.

When you come in in the morning, it’s so, so warm and stuffy. So it’s baking  B A K I N G, like baking the bread. And then of course, then the final one is just, I’m sweating. Yeah, this doesn’t sound so good. The clothes is sticking to them, I’m sweating.

Of course men sweat, women perspire, but it means exactly the same thing. So let me run over those expressions for you again. So talking about hot other words that mean hot.

And I said lots of them refer to in the kitchen and cooking like

  • boiling
  • roasting
  • baking
  • burning
  • sizzling

And then you’ve got words like

  • stifling
  • tropical
  • sweltering conditions
  • scorching hot
  • steamy
  • sultry

So all of these expressions as how you can say when you are hot or when you’re trying to describe when the weather is hot. Okay.

I hope you enjoyed that. Join me again soon.

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