Describe An Occasion When The Weather Prevented You From Doing Something – IELTS Cue Card Sample Answers

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This lesson contains the Describe An Occasion When The Weather Prevented You From Doing Something Cue Card Sample Answers.

In Part 2 of the IELTS Speaking test, you will be given one minute to prepare and talk about a particular topic, known as the IELTS cue card task.

For this cue card, you have the chance to talk about a time when the weather stopped you from doing something. To improve your communication skills, you can look at some example answers.

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Vocabulary List

Describe An Occasion When The Weather Prevented You From Doing Something

So just to remind you, when you take the IELTS test, in part 2, you will get what they call a cue card. Sometimes it’s called a task card. And written on that task card will be a particular topic. You get approximately 1 minute to read and prepare yourself. And then you have to speak for 2-3 minutes on the topic. And of course, then there will be some follow-up questions by the examiner. 

Speaking Part 2 - IELTS Cue Card

Describe an occasion when the weather prevented you from doing something. You should say:

So here are my particular answers:

sample answer 1

A few years ago, I decided to take my young family camping. I had always wanted to do it, and they were excited about spending a few nights under the stars! We all had our hearts set on it. Little did we know that it was never going to happen, not that week anyway. The bags were packed, the tent rented from an outdoor activities centre, and the food provisions bought and neatly packed in our backpacks. We looked like real adventurers.

At the very last minute, when everything was packed and ready, we decided to check the weather forecast just out of curiosity. To our shock and horror, the forecast was simply awful. The report advised people not to travel that weekend as an adverse weather front was fast approaching. We knew then our plans were in imminent danger. A menacing storm forced the whole week to be cancelled and postponed until a later date. Our decision to call it off turned out to be a smart move. The very next day, we awoke to huge thunderstorms and heavy downpours of rain. The news was even more shocking. Overnight, all flights had been grounded. The main roads were flooded. Cars and people stranded for hours in rising flood water. Incoming flights were diverted to other cities, and everyone was advised to stay put in their homes.

The idea of camping out suddenly took on another perspective. We put up the tent in the living room, and the kids had a ball. So what looked like a disaster initially turned out to be a different but fun adventure in the end.

Vocabulary List


Meaning: in a very tidy and organised way


When one of the kids wanted to take a particular toy with them, they found a small space where it fits in neatly.

You can play with those, but make sure you put them back neatly, so everything is in its place.

out of curiosity

Meaning: doing something out of interest or a desire to know more


When I was passing by a closed shop, I looked inside out of curiosity.

I saw an advertisement on the web and decided to check the price of the apartments and plans out of curiosity.

to our shock and horror

Meaning: use it when you get a nasty or bad surprise


I opened the bank statement, and to my shock and horror, all the money has gone.

We had a flat tyre, and to our shock and horror, we realised that we didn’t have a spare.

To my shock and horror, I discovered that the weather forecast was going to be terrible.

To my shock and horror, I realised that I had forgotten to order the Christmas turkey.

adverse weather

Meaning: opposite to what you’re expecting, unfavourable 


Due to adverse weather conditions, the town experienced a severe storm.

The hiking trip had to be cancelled due to the adverse weather forecast, which predicted heavy rain and thunderstorms in the area.

imminent danger

Meaning: immediate and significant threat or risk of harm


If you continue to travel that road where flood warnings are issued, you will be in imminent danger.

Imminent danger approached, putting the crew on high alert.

Describe An Occasion When The Weather Prevented You From Doing Something

Describe a time when the weather prevented you from doing something. IELTS Speaking Part 2 cue card

menacing storm

Meaning: a severe and threatening storm that appears dangerous or intimidating


During the menacing storm, cars on the coast road braved the turbulent weather.

The sky darkened as the menacing storm rolled in, bringing strong winds and torrential rain.

call something off

Meaning: to cancel or postpone a planned event, activity, or arrangement


The football match was called off as the pitch was covered with ice and snow.

The wedding was called off because the bride got cold feet.

heavy downpour

Meaning: intense, heavy rainfall that falls rapidly and continuously over a short time


The weather forecast warned of a heavy downpour, so I decided to bring an umbrella with me before heading out.

During the monsoon season, our city experiences frequent heavy downpours, leading to occasional flooding in low-lying areas.

to be grounded

Meaning: (aviation) an aircraft is not allowed to fly due to safety concerns or mechanical issues


Due to the severe weather conditions, all planes were grounded for safety reasons.

Meaning: (parenting) to be restricted or deprived of certain privileges as a form of punishment


You are grounded for a week because of your misbehaviour and not doing your homework.


Meaning: to be left in a difficult or challenging situation with no means of escape or assistance


The heavy flooding left us stranded in our car for hours.

We were stranded, but we found safety on higher ground until a rescue team arrived.

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sample answer 2

It happened last summer during my holiday. I had planned a day out with my friends at the beach, looking forward to enjoying the sun, the sand, and the waves.

But unfortunately, on the day we were ready to go, the weather took a turn for the worse. Dark clouds gathered, and the weather forecast predicted heavy rain and thunderstorms throughout the day.

As you can imagine, we were quite disappointed about this unexpected weather change. The beach trip was something we had all been excited about for weeks. However, we quickly had to come up with an alternative plan, as staying at the beach in such weather wasn’t an option.

We decided to go to a nearby amusement park instead. It wasn’t the same as the beach, but we hoped it would still be a fun way to spend the day. And you know what? Despite the initial disappointment, we ended up having a great time at the amusement park. The thrilling rides and fun games brought laughter and joy to our day.

Looking back, I must say that I felt a bit frustrated when we had to change our plans due to the weather. It was something beyond our control, and we couldn’t help but feel disappointed. However, as the day went on, I began to see the positive side of things. We made the best out of the situation, and it taught me the importance of being adaptable in the face of unexpected circumstances.

Overall, while the weather may have prevented us from enjoying our beach day, we managed to turn it into a memorable day at the amusement park. It was a reminder that sometimes life throws surprises our way, and it’s how we respond to them that can make all the difference.

Describe An Occasion When The Weather Prevented You From Doing Something

Describe a time when the weather prevented you from doing something. IELTS Speaking Part 2 cue card

vocabulary list

take a turn for

Meaning: to experience a change, often for the worse or unexpected, in a situation or someone’s condition


After days of steady improvement, the patient suddenly took a turn for the worse, and the doctors had to intensify their efforts to stabilize their condition.

The weather had been pleasant all day, but in the evening, it took a turn for the worse as dark clouds gathered, and heavy rain started pouring down.

come up with

Meaning: to produce, find, or invent something, typically a solution, idea, or plan, often in response to a specific situation or problem


The team brainstormed for hours to come up with a creative marketing strategy for their new product launch.

I had to come up with a last-minute excuse to skip the party since I wasn’t feeling well.

beyond control

Meaning: something is not able to be managed, regulated, or influenced by a person or an authority


The wildfire spread rapidly and was beyond control, causing extensive damage to the forested area.

Despite their best efforts, the parents realized that their child’s illness was beyond their control, and they sought medical help to treat the condition.

Okay, that concludes today’s lesson on vocabulary, especially for Part 2 of the IELTS Speaking task.

For those of you planning to take the IELTS exam in the coming months, I wish you the best of luck. Preparing for the exam requires hard work, but with careful planning, you can achieve success.

Thank you for listening and watching. Join me again soon.

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