Advanced Expressions With Take

Learn advanced expressions with take. These phrases are often used by English native speakers in conversations and they will help you improve your English speaking.

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List of expressions with take

advanced expressions with take

Let’s get on to the class for today. So today we’re talking about advanced phrases with take.

To take – took – taken

So as always, I’m going to go through them one by one, and then I’m going to give you some examples as to how to use them. Again, we’ve got 10, particular phrases.

take your breath away

Meaning: you get a surprise or a shock or something that startles you


When I climbed up to the top of that mountain, the view took my breath away. It was absolutely gorgeous.

My family threw a party for my 30th. It really took my breath away!

take something for granted

Meaning: assume it’s always going to be there


Don’t ever take things for granted. Appreciate what you have, when you have it.

When you have a job, you have to work hard and not take it for granted.

If your partner supports you, you shouldn’t take them for granted. Tell them that you appreciate what they do for you.

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take it as given

Meaning: accept that something is true and real


Just take it as given. Give me a nod with your head, and I’ll come in and support you.

Please take it as given. Whatever we need, we’ll have money there to support you if the job is right.

Taxes increase almost every year in budget and in every country, we can take that as a given.

take a hammering/beating

Meaning: beaten or defeated very severely


My football team took a hammering there a few weeks ago. At the end of the day, they got beaten 6:0!!

The shares have taken a real beating because of that bad economic news.

advanced expressions with take

Advanced expressions with take. Learn English speaking. Learn English vocabulary. Online Englsih lessons on Zoom and Skype

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take something on the chin

Meaning: accept difficulty or defeat without complaining


The company got into difficulty. A lot of people got let go. It’s hard to take it on the chin.

Some people are having problems dealing with job loss. I’ve just taken it on the chin. 

take your mind off something

Meaning: stop thinking about something bad


Let’s go out for the evening, it’ll take your mind off things.

Hopefully, this will take your mind off the tense situation and help you to relax.

advanced expressions with take

Advanced expressions with take. Learn English speaking. Learn English vocabulary. Online Englsih lessons on Zoom and Skype

take it out on someone

Meaning: relieve your frustration/anger by attacking other people


Jane had a difficult day at work, and she took it out on me.

Go out for a walk, go to the gym, take it out on the punch bag, but don’t take it out on those people closest to you.

take credit for something

Meaning: receive recognition, praise, or approval for something (often not deserved)


She’s taken the full credit for that report. Mary and all the guys there did most of the work; she was just presenting the facts.

advanced expressions with take

take someone to the cleaners

Meaning: be left without anything


At the end of the day, he had no money left. He’s been taken to the cleaners, everything was gone.

She was tricked into signing that contract. They took her to the cleaners; completely wiped out her money.

Well, that’s a game over. I’ll have to fold. I’ve been taken to the cleaners, I have nothing left.

take it or leave it

Meaning: accept or reject unconditionally


I’ll leave it with you for 24 hours, but that’s my best price. So take it or leave it.

These are all advanced phrases using take or advanced expressions with take. Let me give them to you one more time:

  • take your breath away
  • take something or someone for granted
  • take it as given
  • take a hammering or a beating
  • take it on the chin
  • take your or somebody else’s mind off something
  • take it out on someone
  • to take credit for something
  • take someone to the cleaners
  • take it or leave it

Okay, so all advanced phrases with take.

And as I always say, if you’ve got any comments or you don’t understand something, you want some more explanations, please drop me a line. I’d be only too happy to help you.

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As always, I appreciate you watching and listening. Join me again soon.

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