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Idiomatic Expressions with WAY

Today, let’s look at some English Expressions with WAY. We usually use WAY when talking about direction.

  • Which way is out?
  • How can I find the way?
  • Can you show me the way to the hotel or city centre?

However, the word WAY can be used in other ways in English!! Here are some idiomatic expressions with WAY and common phrases.

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Idiomatic Expressions with Way

In a bad way – Where somebody is sick or involved in an accident and injured the relatives will be anxious to understand how they are. Sometimes the news is not so good.

Ex. The doctor said he is in a bad way and it may be a few days before they know how sick he really is.

All the way – We use it when we want to show support or understanding, it means that we completely support someone

Ex. If you want to bring it up with Carol, I’m with you all the way.

To get his/her own way – This concerns children usually but not always. It means to do what you want or to get what you want.

Ex. His daughter is spoilt. Every time she wants something she throws a tantrum (begins to shout and cry) and her parents give her what she wants. She is always getting her own way.

In a round about way – When some one does not tell you in a straight forward or direct way or where they beat about the bush (take a long time to get to the point) we can say he has a round about way of telling you.

Ex. So the boss wanted you to move to the office in another country. Instead of simply asking you to relocate he tells you a long story about how a move abroad may be good for your career and that spending your time learning another language and dealing with different people may develop you further. After an age he finally asks you to consider the move. You can say he offered you a good job and a great opportunity but in a very round about way.

Give way on something – Usually this refers to someone who might be a little stubborn and never compromises or accepts he/she is wrong.

Ex. Michael likes to discuss and argue. He is good at debating but he is not always right in his views however even when he is wrong he will not give way on something and accept his is incorrect. He will not admit that the other person is correct .

The wrong way/Right way – Well, there are 2 ways to do anything. The right way and the wrong way. This is always evident and clear when trying to assemble IKEA furniture. They give you directions and instructions for a reason because it is the right way to assemble it in the shortest time possible and without problems. However, the wrong way is to ignore the instructions and try to assemble it using your not so good DIY skills (do it yourself). This ultimately leads to a row with your wife and a few nuts and bolts left over!

Change your ways – to stop behaving in a certain way, to stop doing what we are doing and improve our attitude or manners

We all have our own style and approach to life. When we are young we believe we know best. This can be misguided (wrong) and unless someone advises us we could be heading for trouble. So often in our teenage years a friend, relative or teacher (a voice of authority) may advise us kindly that we need to change our ways, otherwise we will not be a nice person in later life.

English Collocations with WAY

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