Linking Words and Phrases in English

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Linking words in phrases in English are really important as they help you to join ideas together and create more complex sentences.

We can use them in many situations such as adding more information, providing contrasts, giving examples and many other situations. Here are some examples of each situation.

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Linking Words and Phrases in English

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Linking words and phrases here include:

  • and
  • both
  • also
  • as well as
  • furthermore
  • what is more
  • in addition to


I am going to the movies AND after that I think I will go for a meal.

I will cook some food for you while I am away. I will cook lasagne and paella, BOTH of them will be in the fridge so just heat them in the microwave.

I need some vegetables and rice in the supermarket if you are going today, ALSO if you could get some of the nice brown bread I would appreciate it.

Did you hear what Mary said? She told her husband she wanted a divorce and AS WELL AS that she was going to keep the dog!!

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Today I want to tell you about our companies performance last year and FURTHERMORE I will set out our plans for next year.(much more formal English)

Your performance this year has really been good. You achieved all your targets and WHAT IS MORE, you attracted any new clients. (very formal also)

Come on in everybody we have great bargains in our shop today. We have a 20% reduction in all our main products and IN ADDITION TO that we will give an extra 5% when you spend over €50!


Linking words here include:

  • but
  • although
  • in spite of
  • despite
  • while
  • whereas
  • even though
  • on the other hand

Here we are looking at alternative or opposite opinions.


The weather forecast is to be sunny today BUT the temperature is not likely to rise above 10 o C.

I would like to go to the gym later ALTHOUGH I don’t think I have time as I think my boss wants me to work late.

It was really cold on Saturday, IN SPITE OF this we still went out for a walk in the forest and really enjoyed it.

DESPITE my objections my son still went out with his friends instead of studying for his exams.

I went running in the park WHILE my wife stayed at home and cooked the evening meal.

Ireland is usually wet and cold WHEREAS Spain has plenty of sunshine on most days.

My friend insisted on going on holidays with us EVEN THOUGH he had no job and no money!!

I can see the benefits of cycling to work every day, however, ON THE OTHER HAND, there are not many cycle lanes in my city so it can be dangerous.


Linking words here can include:

  • for example
  • for instance
  • namely


I would like you to write an essay about your family, FOR EXAMPLE you could tell me about your parents and siblings or grandparents.

When you are writing your essays make sure you use plenty of adjectives to describe your feelings and what you see, FOR INSTANCE when describing the cat tell me about its colour, size and age.

The expenses this year are almost twice the level of last year. Everything has increased but some expenses, NAMELY rents and energy have increased dramatically.

Linking Words and Phrases in English


The linking words and phrases we can use here are:

  • therefore
  • so
  • consequently
  • this means that
  • as a result


I am sorry to tell you I am sick today and THEREFORE I will not be in work today.

Hi darling, just leaving a message to say that I am late in work today SO I won’t be able to pick you up at the usual time. Can you get the bus home?

The cost of iron and steel has increased dramatically CONSEQUENTLY we will need to increase the price to our customers immediately.

The plumber cannot come today to fix the toilet, THIS MEANS THAT we will have to use the bathroom in the basement, sorry!!

My team lost the last game of the season, AS A RESULT they didn’t win the title this year.


Linking words here can include:

  • due to the fact that
  • owing to
  • because
  • since
  • as


DUE TO THE FACT THAT it is 1st May today we will not have any work. Everyone is off work.

OWING TO the death of my grandmother I will have to leave the office early and travel to her funeral.

I decided to go to the cinema with my friend Cathy so BECAUSE of this I won’t be home until later tonight.

SINCE it is my birthday tomorrow I would like to invite you all to the pub for a drink after work.

We unfortunately had to leave early AS our child was ill and we had to rush home.

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