Difference between Enough and Too

In this post you will learn what is the difference between Enough and Too.

It’s hard not to get confused when you start learning how to speak English. English grammar rules change dependig on a word’s relation to other words, and that can be very frustrating for ESL students.

Enough and Too often cause some confusion in both writing and speaking in English. Hopefully, my short video lesson will help.

Difference between Enough and Too

Hi there welcome to Harry’s World of Words and Phrases and English in a Minute.

We’re going to look at ENOUGH and TOO. Spelled T O O and how we use them.

ENOUGH is when we have sufficient.

I have enough time.

I have enough money.

And TOO we use when we have more than sufficient.

I have too much time.

I have too much money.

Here’s a tip.

When you’re using ENOUGH with an adjective or an adverb they always go afterwards. Okay.

The box is heavy enough.

Heavy is the adjective. Enough comes afterwards.

My work is hard enough.

Hard is the adverb. Enough comes after that.

heavy enough

hard enough

But when you use ENOUGH with a noun, it always goes before. Ok.

I have enough money.

I have enough time.

Time and money are nouns.

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Difference between Enough and Too

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Difference between Enough and Too - Examples

I’m not tall enough to reach the top shelf. 

I am too tired to go to the disco. 

I didn’t like that horror movie, I was too scared to enjoy it.

Peter doesn’t go to school, he is not old enough.

The bird is too weak to fly.

The music is too slow for me to dance to.

These shoes don’t fit me, they are too small.

I can’t take your photograph here, it’s not bright enough.

He’s clever enough to solve this problem on his own.

Their plan seems too complicated for me.

This dress is too expensive for me to buy.

It was too cold to go on a picnic yesterday.

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