14 Phrasal Verbs With Fall With Meanings

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In this post you will learn 14 Phrasal Verbs with FALL with meanings and examples. Scroll down to watch a video lesson.

English verb TO FALL is short in letters but has many applications. Fall, fell and fallen are its three forms.

List of phrasal verbs with fall

14 Phrasal Verbs with fall

14 Phrasal verbs with Fall. Advanced English learning. Online English lessons on Zoom. Study advanced English at www.englishlessonviaskype.com
  • I always fall in love with the wrong guys.
  • He has fallen in love yet again.

We can also use FALL as a phrasal verb or in idiomatic expressions in so many ways. Take a look at these:

fall down

Meaning: to collapse or to fall to the ground

He was not feeling very well and he collapsed or fell down.

fall over

Meaning: to topple over

The wind was blowing very strongly and the bicycle fell over (toppled over) onto the ground.

fall apart

Meaning: to go into pieces, to break up

I made a bookshelf but when I put some books on it, it fell apart. I had forgotten to put in the nails!!

fall about

Meaning: to laugh continuously

My friend has a great sense of humour and tells very funny stories. I always fall about laughing at him. So literally you cannot stop laughing as the stories are so funny.

phrasal verbs with fall

fall back on

Meaning: to turn to somebody or something for help when other plans have failed

Keep some money in the bank to fall back on in case you lose your job.

fall behind

Meaning: to fail to keep up with, to fail to do something on time

After losing her job, she fell behind on her mortgage repayments.

I was ill for 3 weeks and fell behind with my final project.

fall for


1. to fall in love with somebody

Peter fell for Sarah the moment he saw her.

2. to be deceived by something

It was amazing how everybody fell for his lies.

fall in

Meaning: to collapse

If that is not rectified, the roof will fall in, and eventually the walls and so on.

Phrasal Verbs with fall

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fall flat (on)

Meaning: When someone hope you do not succeed at something or if you make a mistake and something turns out to be a disaster we can say: I hope he falls flat on his face or he fell flat on his face.

David did not like Paul. When he heard he was opening a new business he said. “ I hope it’s a disaster I hope he falls flat on his face with this!”

fall out with

Meaning: When we have an argument with a friend or family member and we do not talk to them for a long while we can say that “we have fallen out with Mike”.

He fell out with his cousin over an argument about who owned the bike.

fall out


1. soldiers fall out and move out of line

Soldiers fell out and started talking.

2. to have a row and stop talking to someone, to quarrel

Sarah has decided to ignore Paula since they fell out last night.

Phrasal Verbs with Fall with Meanings

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fall into


1. to start doing something

He quickly fell into the habit of drinking too much, a habit, which lasted over 10 years.

2. to be divided into (categories, parts)

The book falls into two main parts.

fall in with

Meaning: to agree with

All members of the board readily fell in with the suggestion and the necessary expert was quickly engaged.

fall through

Meaning: to fail to happen

We ended up cancelling the lunch. The plans fell through.

Phrasal Verbs with fall - Video Lesson

Common Idiomatic Expressions with fall

to fall on deaf ears

You make a suggestion that you believe is good but nobody agrees or takes up your suggestion. It fell on deaf ears.


Mike suggested that we advertise the new product on the internet as that is where everyone looks first these days. Nobody agreed and they advertised on the radio as they always did. His suggestion fell on deaf ears.

And finally…

it didn’t fall far from the tree

When someone has a characteristic that was also part of their
mothers’ or fathers’ character we usually say “Well, it did not fall far from the tree”.

John had a short (quick) temper and he got angry very quickly. His father reacted in the same way when he was young. His grandmother would always say “well it did not fall far from the tree your father was always the same at your age”.

I also have a short video lesson for you about common phrasal verbs with FALL.

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