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Giving recommendations in English can be very simple if you know these essential English phrases.

If you’re looking to improve your speaking skills and sound more like a native, this lesson is for you. We’ll go over 10 important phrases that are perfect for giving recommendations in English. These popular English phrases will help you in everyday conversations and when making small talk.

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Commonly Used Phrases

Giving Recommendations in English

Today’s lesson is a spoken English lesson, and we’re talking about recommendations. How to give recommendations in English.

And today’s lesson is an advanced English lesson. And we’re talking about recommendations, giving recommendations in English.

So these are perfect English phrases for you to use in your daily conversations. These sorts of expressions are used all the time by native English speakers, so they’ll enrich your vocabulary, and they will improve your overall fluency to English.

it’s a must-see

Meaning: something is so good, you really should not miss it. This phrase is often used to suggest movies, shows, or events that are highly recommended because they are interesting, entertaining, or important


Cillian Murphy in ‘Oppenheimer’ is an unforgettable experience. It’s a must-see.

Poor Things is a great movie, incredibly engaging and entertaining, and it’s a must-see for everyone.

you won’t regret it

Meaning: you will be happy with your choice and not feel sorry later. It’s used to assure someone that they will like what is being recommended


You really should try that restaurant in the high street. The food is excellent. You won’t regret it.

Try the new Italian in the city centre. Amazing pasta and a cosy vibe. You won’t regret it.

Giving Recommendations in English

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it’s well worth seeing

Meaning: something is very good and deserves the time or money you would spend on it


The new exhibition at the city gallery features work from emerging artists worldwide. It’s well worth seeing.

The new photography exhibition at the local museum is well worth seeing for its stunning visuals and depth.

The laser show at the park this weekend is well worth seeing. It promises a unique and unforgettable experience.

The Tutankhamun exhibition is well worth seeing if you’re interested in history and ancient cultures.

don’t miss it

Meaning: we want to strongly suggest not skipping or overlooking something because it’s very good, interesting, or enjoyable


This movie is only showing for a couple of weeks. I highly recommend it. Don’t miss it!

Watch ‘Gentlemen’ on Netflix. It’s exciting and full of surprises. Don’t miss it!

Don’t miss it! The action is amazing, and you’ll want to watch one episode after another.

Don’t miss my new YouTube video coming out next week. It’s going to be a great lesson.

you should definitely go

Meaning: we’re giving strong advice or recommendations about attending an event, visiting a place, or trying out a new experience


Visit the Harry Potter Studio in London for a magical journey through the sets and props. You should definitely go; it’s a magical experience.

Tromsø in Norway is the best place to see the Northern Lights. You should definitely go—it’s really amazing!

If you enjoy art, there’s an art exhibition in town with paintings from all over the world. You should definitely go and look!

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I really think you would like this…

Meaning: (book, film, show, etc) we want to suggest something we believe matches someone’s interests


“Criminal Record” is centred around an intriguing crime story. I really think you would like this show.

‘The Running Grave’ by Robert Galbraith is a new book with lots of twists. I really think you would like it.

I highly recommend it

Meaning: when we think something is really good and want to suggest others try it too


This hotel was amazing. The rooms were clean, and the location was perfect. I highly recommend it.

This health club has brand-new equipment and a 50-metre pool. I highly recommend it for staying fit and healthy.

That pizza place is my favourite, it’s really good and the crust is perfect. I highly recommend it.

you should definitely visit

Meaning: something is really worth a visit


That hotel by the beach offers great views; you should definitely visit it.

The new gallery of modern art in the city centre is really interesting. You should pay it a visit.

Giving Recommendations in English

Giving recommendations in English. English speaking skills. Improve English speaking skills. Upgrade your vocabulary. English grammar rules. Improve English speaking. Advanced English lessons on Zoom and Skype. Improve English speaking and writing skills. #learnenglish

make sure

Meaning: we strongly believe someone shouldn’t miss out on something important or enjoyable


Make sure you take a night walk in the city centre. It’s beautifully lit and feels like a different place.

When you’re exploring new places, make sure to have your phone charged for photos.

When visiting a new city, make sure to try the local food. It’s a great way to experience the culture.

If you’re going to a concert, make sure to arrive early. You can find a good spot and enjoy the opening acts.

you have to watch/visit

Meaning: we think is really good or important. It’s like saying, “This is so great, you shouldn’t miss it.” 


‘Only Fools and Horses’ has been voted the greatest comedy series of all time in Britain. You have to watch it!

Camden Market is a unique destination in London, offering something for everyone. You have to visit it!

So, these are all expressions related to giving recommendations in English. They’re the kind of phrases that native British English speakers use all the time. If you practice and use them in your English conversations, you’ll see a big boost in your confidence.

Thanks as always for watching and listening. That’s how we say goodbye. Join me for the next lesson.

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