Useful English Words and Phrases to describe a New Start

Here you will learn 10 useful English words and phrases to describe a new start particularly just after the New Year celebrations.

Are you setting a New Year goal to improve your English? 10 English idioms related to goals will help you.

Learn to speak about a new start in English with confidence

Useful English Words and Phrases to describe a New Start

clear the decks

A deck is the part of a ship you stand on when sailing. To clear the decks means to make sure nothing gets in your way so you get a new start.


Let’s clear the decks and start the year with a new belief.

a clean slate/sheet

A slate was used historically by teachers and others to write on. Then when you wanted to write something new you cleaned the slate. So every time you clean the slate you make a new start.


Many people are excited at the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and make changes to better their lives.

This means he will judge them on their performances for him and not based on the past.

to turn over a new leaf

to make a positive change in life or in your behaviour in general after a negative period, improve yourself, start again


Since Jen’s uncle came out of prison he has turned over a new leaf. He is determined to live a better life.

English Idioms about New Start

Useful English words and phrases to describe a new start. Intermediate level English vocabulary. Improve English skills. #learnenglish #englishlessons #hoctienganh #الإنجليزية #EnglishTeacher #vocabulary #ingles #อังกฤษ #английский #英语 #영어

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a whole new ballgame

a new situation very different from the present one, a different subject for discussion


Even though he played football previously, being running fit was a whole new ballgame.

to be new to the game

to lack experience in something


You’re still new to the game and have a lot to learn. No one will expect you to remember all the procedures from the first day.

the new kid on the block

someone who is new in a place, organisation or group


They had all worked together often, but I was the new kid on the block.

new/fresh blood

a new energetic member in an organisation or a group who is expected to introduce new ideas and innovations and make changes for the better


Although the institute has made some important progress recently, it needs new blood to speed up its development.

Useful English Words and Phrases to describe a New Start

Useful English words and phrases to describe a new start. Intermediate level English vocabulary. Improve English skills. #learnenglish #englishlessons #hoctienganh #الإنجليزية #EnglishTeacher #vocabulary #ingles #อังกฤษ #английский #英语 #영어

a blank sheet of paper

When we want to plan or set out goals we usually are advised to start with a blank piece of paper and write down the key points, ideas and plans.


Often when I am advising clients about possible job changes I recommend they start with a blank sheet of paper divide it in two and on one side write all the possible advantages and on the other side all the disadvantages and then compare both sides.

a fresh start

When you get stuck in a “rut” and cannot see a positive future or you are bored with your current life (business or personal) you may wish to start again or have a fresh start.


He felt that a fresh start was best for both of them so reluctantly they agreed to separate.

a new beginning

Similar in meaning to a fresh start. A new beginning is just what you need after a difficult period in your business or personal life.


He lost his job during the recession and decided that a new beginning was just what he needed to kick-start his life again. He packed his bags and headed to London.

In the UK, many people set plans and goals in January for the year ahead. These goals are called New Year resolutions. People decide to lose weight, get fit, eat healthily, learn English or climb a mountain. Learn English idioms related to goals.

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