15 English Collocations with Task

Here you will learn 15 English collocations with task: to undertake a task, to tackle a task, to assign a task, to fulfill a task and more. 

This post will help you improve your business English vocabulary.

15 English Collocations with Task

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Hi there. This is Harry. And welcome back to my English learning podcast Speak Better English with Harry where I try to help you with your understanding of the English language. To help you to improve your English grammar, expressions and other aspects of English which will help you to communicate better with people that you meet in a social context or in a business context. So what do I have for you in this episode?

15 English Collocations with Task

We’re going to talk about collocations with the word TASK. So let me give you a few of these.

We can

  • approach a task
  • get down to a task
  • tackle a task

So we can deal with a task in a certain way.

How do you approach different tasks?

How do you approach the task of the garden?

How do you get down to a task?

To get down to a task means start doing it.

Look, I’ve got lots to do. I have to get down to it immediately.

Starting is the most difficult part, especially if you need to tackle a task that you don’t enjoy doing.

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15 English Collocations with Task

We can

  • carry out a task – to complete a task
  • do a task
  • get on with a task
  • prepare a task
  • perform a task

I carried out that task that you asked me to do.

Meaning I finished it. I’ve done with it.

It’s a little bit formal, even though we’re using a phrasal verb to carry out. But it’s a little bit more formal.

We might just simply say I’ve done the task.

I’ve done those tasks you asked me to do last week for homework.

So I’m teaching my students. I give them tasks on a weekly basis, and they do the tasks most of the time.

Get on with the task. To get on with something means we need to start.

The time is pressing on. So let’s just get on with the task that you have.

We can prepare for a task. So I mean to get ready so that you’ll do it when you got everything ready.

And then when you finally do that, you can perform the task. So to perform the task is very definitely formal.

I perform those tasks with great aplomb.

I perform those tasks as you asked me to do. They’re ready for inspection.

I perform those tasks to the best of my ability.

15 English Collocations with Task

We can

  • complete a task
  • fulfil a task
  • succeed in doing a task

We completed this task as you asked, we completed the task fully.

Meaning it is done.

To fulfil a task means to finish a task. Fulfil means to complete, another way of saying to complete is to fulfil.

I fulfilled my obligations.

I fulfilled the tasks as you asked me to do.

At last, I have succeeded in doing that task.

Meaning to manage to do something.

It’s been on my to do list for a long, long time. Now it’s done. I have succeeded in doing that task.

15 English collocations with task. Improve business English vocabulary. www.englishlessonviaskype.com #learnenglish #englishlessons #tienganh #EnglishTeacher #vocabulary #ingles #อังกฤษ #английский #aprenderingles #english #cursodeingles #учианглийский #vocabulário #dicasdeingles #learningenglish #ingilizce #englishgrammar #englishvocabulary #ielts #idiomas

And then finally, we can

  • assign a task
  • give a task to somebody
  • get somebody to do a task

So assign a task means to look at what the job requires, what has to be done. Think about who you know, who could do it and then assign.

Give the task to somebody to do is to assign it to somebody.

So we usually try and think who’s the best person to complete it in time. Who’s going to do it without having to ask too many questions? Who’s going to do it as efficiently as possible? So we assigned a task to a particular person based on certain criteria.

The teacher gives everyone a task in the classroom.

And then get somebody to do a task means to identify somebody, to find somebody to do this task. 

So here are English collocations with TASK. Thanks for listening and join me again soon.

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