30 Phrasal Verbs With Get

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Learn 30 phrasal verbs with get. Boost your English vocabulary and improve your speaking skills.

If you’re trying to improve your general English or conversational English. If you’re preparing for a proficiency exam. Or indeed, you might even be preparing for a job interview in English, we’re here to help you.

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List of phrasal verbs with get

30 Phrasal verbs with get

This particular lesson is about phrasal verbs using the verb get. So in fact, I’ve got 30 of them on the list.

So I’m going to be exhausted by the end of this. So hopefully, you and I are still awake.

There are lots of interesting phrasal verbs. And what I’m going to do is I’m going to tell you the meaning, explain it to you. And then give you a simple example that you’ll be able to use. Let’s go through them one at a time.

get about

Meaning: (British English) to travel around, or go from A to B (particularly when you’re on holiday)


The best way to get about in London is to use an Oyster card. With this Oyster card, you can get about quite easily.

Paris yesterday, New York next week; you really get about, don’t you!

get along

Meaning: to have a friendly relationship


I’m a very, very friendly sort of person I get along with anybody who gets along with me.

Do you get along with your colleagues?

I don’t get along with my work colleagues, I don’t have anything in common with them, only work.

get after

Meaning: to chase someone or something


Don’t just stand there, get after him, run after him. He’s much older than you, you’ll be able to catch him.

Dad, Dad, the dog’s out! You have to get after him.

30 Phrasal verbs with get

30 Phrasal verbs with get. Advanced English lessons on Zoom and Skype. Improve English speaking and writing skills. #learnenglishnglish

get ahead

Meaning: to make progress, move in front of


He’s joined a really good company, he hopes to get ahead very quickly.

Can you drive a little bit faster and get ahead of them?

get away

Meaning: to leave, make an escape


Do you think we’ll be able to get away this weekend?

I’m cooking a special dinner, your favourite. It would be nice if we could sit down as a family and enjoy this meal.

get away with something

Meaning: to escape punishment for bad action


Thieves broke into an art gallery and got away with some quite priceless paintings.

Luckily for me, she didn’t go into the bedroom immediately. So I got away with it.

to get back to someone

Meaning: to communicate with someone at a later time or date


Leave it with me, I’ll get back to you later.

We will check and get back to you if further assistance is required.

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get behind

Meaning: to support someone


Please come and support your team, get behind them.

Meaning: to fall behind, fail to make enough progress


Don’t expect me home before eight or nine at night. I got a little bit behind with my work due to my illness and need to catch up.

get beyond

Meaning: to get past some problem that you have or a difficulty


Look, just forget it, put it in the past. Let’s get beyond it. Let’s move on.

Let’s get beyond this darkness and build a brighter future together.

get by

Meaning: to be able to survive on a certain amount of money or food


I’m going to struggle to get by on this, I’m going to probably have to do a part-time job.

I’ve left some food already prepared in the fridge. So hopefully you’ll be able to get by on that.

get down to something

Meaning: to start doing something


I have to get down to some really hard work next week because that presentation is due by the end of the month.

Remember, those exams are early, so you’ve got to get down to some hard study.

get in

Meaning: to enter


Get in the car and just go. You’ll be surprised at what you might discover.

Meaning: to deliver or send something


Let’s get in some food for the party at the weekend.

get into something

Meaning: to start feeling something

get into a rage, get into a bad mood


I get into a bad mood when I start thinking about all the work that I have to do.

One night, he got into a rage and threatened to kill me.

get someone into something

Meaning: to become involved in a particular situation (usually bad)


David told the teacher that Johnny had broken the window. He got Johnny into trouble with the teacher.

I got her into difficulty with her landlord because I forgot to send the money.

get off

get to a good/bad start


Wow, you’ve really got off to a good start. You had some really good success with the sales.

I was trying to make a good impression, but I think I got off to a bad start here.

to get off something

Meaning: to descend, dismount, leave


You can get off the bus at the next stop and walk back to her house.

30 Phrasal verbs with get

30 Phrasal verbs with get. Advanced English lessons on Zoom and Skype. Improve English speaking and writing skills. #learnenglishnglish

get someone off

Meaning: to help someone avoid something


I got my friend off the night shift so that he could go along to the football match with me.

get on with something

Meaning: to continue


Come on, come on. Sit down and get on with the work. I’ll be back in 20 minutes.

get on with somebody

Meaning: have a good relationship


I get on with my in-laws very well. They are good people.

get sb/sth out

Meaning: to remove


Police had to smash the window to get the baby out of the car.

I’m on my own again. I just need to take some food out of the fridge.

Uncle Bill got my suitcase out of the car boot (trunk).

get over something/someone

Meaning: to recover from an upsetting experience, an illness


Within a few days, everything will be fine. She’ll get over it very quickly. She’s very resilient.

He got over the cold really, really quickly. I thought he would be sick for a few more days.

get past sth/sb

Meaning: to move ahead of someone or something that is in the way


Excuse me, I’m in a hurry, can I get past you?

I really want to get past this car so I can drive a little bit quicker.

Meaning: to be able to overcome something that has been on your mind for a long time


Oh, he just doesn’t seem to be able to get past that problem. He had the row last week with the boss, and it’s been going on forever.

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get around

Meaning: = to get about, to travel around, to get from A to B without difficulty


Oh, it’s easy. You just have to know the routes. There’s always a shortcut that you can take to get around the city.

get around something

Meaning: to find a way of dealing with a physical obstruction or a problem


There are roadworks on the main street. The easiest way to get around is to follow the detour arrows.

get around someone

Meaning: to persuade someone to do something eventually


Just talk to him. Tell him what it means. Tell him the implications. You will find a way to get around him.

We have to try and get them to stop blocking our idea. We have to get around someone.

get through

Meaning: to get to the other side, pass a difficult period


I’ve got to get through this paperwork before the end of the week. Otherwise, I won’t be able to rest on Saturday and Sunday.

Students have to be prepared for tough exams when they go to university. So they have to get through them somehow.

We’ll get through this together. We’ve always faced problems together, we will get through it.

get to

get to know/understand/like

Meaning: to begin doing something


I didn’t like her at the very beginning. But once I got to know her, I got to like her. She’s got a heart of gold.

get together

Meaning: a nice way to have a meeting with your friends or family


Why don’t we all get together next weekend? We haven’t met each other for a long long time.

get up

Meaning: to stand from a lower position; to wake up


What time do you get up at? I usually get up at six or just before six o’clock.

get up to something

Meaning: to do something


What did you get up to at the weekend?

Don’t get up to anything that I wouldn’t do.

Okay, there you have them.

Practice them. As I always say, if you want some more examples, you just need to write to me www.englishlessonviaskype.com. Always happy to hear from you and always happy to include your suggestions in some future lessons that we have.

Thanks for listening. Thanks for watching. This is Harry saying goodbye. Join me for the next lesson.

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