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8 English Idioms about Relationships

Native speakers of English use idioms a lot in everyday conversation. Idioms not only add variety and spice to your spoken English but also make conversation more interesting. What are idioms? Idioms are phrases that do not mean exactly what the words say. I would recommend you learn and understand the meanings of English idioms before you are confident enough to use them. In today’s lesson we are going to learn 8 English idioms about relationships.

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8 English Idioms about Relationships

1. GET OFF ON THE WRONG FOOT – when you meet someone for the first time you do or say something to upset them
ex. Kathleen brought Richard home to meet her parents. He tripped on the carpet and broke their favourite vase. The relationship got off on the wrong foot.
2. GET ON SOMEONE’S NERVES – to irritate someone because you say or do something annoying
ex. Trevor always drums his fingers on the table when you are talking to him. It really gets on my nerves.
3. TO GIVE SOMEONE THE COLD SHOULDER – when you deliberately ignore someone because you are upset with them
ex. Judy was so annoyed with her boyfriend because he had not called her in 5 days. When she saw him in the office she gave him the cold shoulder and did not speak to him all day.
4. ON THE ROCKS – when something is not going well
ex. John’s marriage was not going well. He constantly argued with his wife. He told his friend he thought their marriage was really on the rocks.
English Idioms about relationships. English idioms with meanings and examples. Easy way to improve English speaking skills. #learnenglish #englishlessons #englishteacher #ingles #inglese #aprenderingles #englishidioms
5. GO BACK A LONG WAY – when you know a close friend for a very long time
ex. Philip and Michael have been best friends since they were 7 years old. Their relationship goes back a long way.
6. YOUR OWN FLESH AND BLOOD – your children or close relatives
ex. Michael was stuck with a problem. He had two applicants for the job, his son Paul and a stranger called Peter. In the end he chose his own flesh and blood and gave the job to Paul.
7. HIT IT OFF – to get on well with someone you meet
ex. Anthony met Miriam at the party and they talked all night. They really hit it off first time.
8. GIVE SOMEONE A HARD TIME – treat someone badly or unfairly, to make someone suffer
ex. Mum always used to give me a hard time for not doing homework properly.

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