English Greetings and Goodbyes

Here you will learn different English greetings and goodbyes. Saying hello and goodbye can be very easy in English, there are many options. There are formal options and more informal ways to greet people.

English Greetings and Goodbyes - Formal and Informal

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English Greetings and Goodbyes - Formal and Informal

For friends and family  you can choose from :

A: Hi.
B: Hi. How are you?
A: Nice to see you.
B: Nice to see you also.


A: How are you getting on?
B: Fine (great), thanks.
A: Great to see you again.
B: Yeah and you.


A: How’s it going? (Irish)
B: Pretty good, and you?

or simply

A: Hello.
B: Hello, Hi.

For more formal occasions you should use:

A: Good morning.
B: Good morning


A: Good Day (depending on the time of day) or May I help you? How do you do?
B: I am well thank you. And you?
A: Pleased to meet you.
B: Pleased to meet you also.

When leaving somebody again you have many choices and you can choose formal or informal farewells depending on the relationship with the person or people.


Bye-bye or Bye or See you or Cheers or Thanks or Catch up soon

Replies to all of these can be varied:

Bye, Cheers, See you, Take care

Formal :

A: Goodbye.
B: Goodbye.

A: Thank you.
B: Thank you also.

A: Nice to have met you.
B: It was nice to meet you also.

On Friday afternoon we usually say:

A: Have a nice weekend.
B: Yeah, same to you.

Try to complete the following dialogues:

A: How are you getting on?

B: __________ thanks.

A: How’s it going? 

B: ____________, and you?

A: Pleased to meet you.

B: ______________also.

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