30 Phrasal Verbs With Come

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Learn 30 phrasal verbs with COME. English phrasal verbs with COME are very common, and sometimes hard to learn.

Learn advanced phrasal verbs in 30 minutes. Perfect for non-native English speakers, this lesson is designed to help you enhance your vocabulary and sound more like a native speaker. 🚀 

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List of phrasal verbs with come

30 phrasal verbs with come

This is an advanced English lesson about phrasal verbs, specifically focusing on phrasal verbs with the verb ‘come.’ As we’ve mentioned before, phrasal verbs are commonly used in everyday English.

In this lesson, we’ll explore phrasal verbs with the simple verb ‘come.’ Some of these phrasal verbs consist of two parts, while others have three parts, including an extra preposition.

Most phrasal verbs have a verb plus a preposition, but some have a verb plus two prepositions, and it’s important to understand because it changes the meaning significantly.

come about

Meaning: how something happens or occurs


How did that come about? Can you share the details?

Can you explain how this situation came about? What led to the customer’s complaint?

come across

Meaning: to find or encounter something unexpectedly or by chance


I was walking through the car boot sale when I came across a unique vintage record.

Look what I came across in the market! And it only cost me 10 euros.

come after

Meaning: to pursue or chase, trying to reach or catch someone or something


She walked down the dark street, nervously looking back, thinking that someone was coming after her.

The news will come after this announcement from the government.

come along

Meaning: to accompany or join someone, or to make progress or develop


Since I started practising every day, my guitar skills have really come along.

You’ll have to come along with me to the principal’s office and explain why you haven’t done your homework.

Feel free to come along anytime. We’ll be happy to welcome you.

30 phrasal verbs with come

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come apart

Meaning: to break or separate into pieces, often as a result of physical force or damage


The present I gave to little Johnnie came apart after 5 minutes, and he was in tears.

Look at this! For only 5 minutes he was playing with it, and it came apart. I think it needs to be replaced.

come round

Meaning: to visit someone’s place, or to change your opinion or viewpoint


At first, she wasn’t sure about the idea, but she came around after hearing the benefits.

It’s nice to meet you. Why don’t you come round for a cup of tea?

I’ll come round in about 50 minutes. I’m just on my way home from work, but I’ll drop in to see you.

come at

Meaning: to approach or attack; reach a particular state or condition


The flowers will come in their full bloom in spring.

He came at me with a surprising question.

He came at me with this big knife, and I had to give him my jewellery to protect myself.

come before

Meaning: to be more important than something else; to precede or be earlier in time or order


My manager comes before me in the company structure.

The starter comes before the main course which comes before the dessert.

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come between

Meaning: to create a division or interference in a relationship or situation


Never come between husband and wife who are having an argument.

Never come between your dog and his bowl of food.

come by

Meaning: to obtain, acquire, or find something, often by chance or through effort


That’s really beautiful! How did you come by that?

I came by a beautiful ring while browsing through the antique store.

come down on

Meaning: to express strong disapproval, criticism, or punishment toward someone


The courts ensure that justice comes down on those involved in drug trafficking.

The teacher had to come down on the students who were consistently disrupting the class.

come down to

Meaning: to be reduced or simplified to a particular point or issue


In city planning, it all comes down to money – what the developers have and what the council approves.

Extra bonus payments come down to money. We must consider what’s fair and affordable for the company.

30 phrasal verbs with come

Phrasal verbs with come. English speaking skills. Improve English speaking skills. Upgrade your vocabulary. English grammar rules. Improve English speaking. Advanced English lessons on Zoom and Skype. Improve English speaking and writing skills. #learnenglish

come down with

Meaning: to become ill with a specific sickness or condition


I’m really sorry, I can’t make it today. I’ve come down with food poisoning.

I’ve come down with the flu over the weekend. I’m not going to be able to make it to work.

come forward

Meaning: to offer help or information


The police asked the public to come forward with any information regarding the incident.

The police urged the motorists to come forward with dash cam recordings related to the car accident.

come into

Meaning: to inherit or acquire something, often money or property


She came into a substantial inheritance when her grandmother passed away.

You’ll never guess what. I’ve come into a little bit of money.

come on with

Meaning: to proceed or advance with something


He is coming on well with his English. His vocabulary is expanding, and his confidence is improving.

Emily is coming on well with everything. Her progress in both studies and interpersonal skills is quite commendable.

Come on with your presentation; we’re eager to hear your ideas.

come off

Meaning: to detach or be removed


I tried to pull the door too firmly, and the handle came off in my hand.

Be careful; the button might come off if you pull too hard.

Meaning: to succeed or be received


Despite the challenges, the party came off beautifully.

The concert came off as a huge success, drawing a large crowd.

Meaning: to appear or be perceived


How did my joke come off? Did people find it funny?

In the meeting, she wanted to come off as confident and knowledgeable.

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come out with

Meaning: to reveal or disclose something


She came out with the truth about what happened.

He just came out with this accusation. All of a sudden, he accused me of taking his mobile phone.

It was funny, Jamie just came out with my name. I wasn’t expecting him to call me Mike.

come over

Meaning: to visit someone’s house or location


Why don’t you come over for dinner next week and we’ll have a good chat.

I’ll come over later; we can discuss the project then.

come over to 

Meaning: to change or adopt a different viewpoint or opinion


After the discussion, Sarah came over to my point of view and agreed with my suggestion.

Is there anybody else willing to come over to my side? I think I’m right in this particular situation.

Members of the opposition came over to support the government’s initiative on environmental conservation.

come through

Meaning: to survive or recover from a difficult situation


He had been unemployed and was suffering financially, but he finally came through.

He’s been heavily sedated for seven hours. He should come through in an hour or so.

come together

Meaning: to unite or gather, usually people or things, often for a common purpose or goal


We’re coming together next week to discuss these plans. And then we’ll make our decision.

Ah, it’s great! Everything has come together at last. We put in a lot of work, and finally, it’s there.

Phrasal verbs with come. English speaking skills. Improve English speaking skills. Upgrade your vocabulary. English grammar rules. Improve English speaking. Advanced English lessons on Zoom and Skype. Improve English speaking and writing skills. #learnenglish

come under

Meaning: to be subjected to or influenced by something, often implies facing challenges


He is coming under a lot of pressure from his father to drop out of this course. His results were really bad.

Governments often come under pressure from the people who have voted for them.

come up

Meaning: to arise or appear suddenly, without notice


I’m really sorry, can we postpone our game of squash today? Something urgent has come up.

Something came up at the last minute. I’m really sorry I couldn’t make the party.

come up against

Meaning: to encounter or face a challenge, obstacle, or difficulty


He came up against a brick wall when he was trying to get nominated to his local council.

When trying to get promoted in the office, she came up against some stubborn resistance from her boss.

come up for

Meaning: it’s time to review or decide whether to continue something, like a contract or agreement


We’ve been here for nearly 3 years. Our lease will come up for renewal in a few months.

I’m on a 6-month temporary contract. My position came up for renewal last month.

come up to

Meaning: to reach a standard or level


Children are always excited to see how much they have come up to over the past few months.

Look at David! He’s really grown up in the last twelve months. He now comes up to your shoulder.

The product has come up to the industry standards.

come up with

Meaning: to produce, suggest, or provide something, such as an idea, plan, solution, or answer


I’d like you all to come up with some bright ideas for the party. We don’t want to do the same thing.

They are all off for a game of crazy golf. Who came up with that idea?

come upon

Meaning: (more formal) to encounter or find something unexpectedly, often by chance


I came upon my old school friend when I was shopping. I haven’t seen him for years.

The police came upon the robber as he was trying to break into the house.

come with

Meaning: to accompany or be included with something or someone


Every pack of cigarettes comes with a warning that smoking kills.

This game comes with 2 AA batteries, ensuring you can start playing right out of the box.

Ok, so here are 30 phrasal verbs with come. Some are in two parts, while others are in three parts. It’s not a big deal, just one extra word, but you need to be careful because phrases like ‘come up’ and ‘come up with’ mean different things.

So, pay close attention to whether it’s a two-part or three-part phrasal verb, they can be different.

Take a few phrasal verbs, try making sentences, and come up with your own ideas.

If you need help, just come back to me at englishlessonviaskype.com. Thanks for watching and listening. Remember to join me for the next lesson!

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