Use of As Soon As in English

The use of ‘as soon as’ in English. Simple grammar rules.

Learn how to use as soon as and ‘as soon as’ grammar rules in this short video lesson from my English in a Minute series on YouTube.

Students often get confused about the use of as soon as in English.

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Use of As Soon As in English - video Lesson

Use of As Soon As in English

Hi there. Welcome to Harry’s World of Words and Phrases and English in a Minute.
Today we’re looking at the use of as soon as in English.
As soon as is a conjunction and it’s used when something happens immediately after some other event.
As soon as I get home I will give you a call.
As soon as your father gets home he will talk to you.
As soon as I get to work I will finish the report.
Okay. So something happened immediately after something else.
It’s really important when you use as soon as to use it with the present tense.
The Present Simple.
As soon as I get to work. – So present tense.
As soon as your father comes home. – Present tense
You can then follow as soon as with future tense:
As soon as your father comes home, he will talk to you.
As soon as I get to work, I will call you.
But when you use as soon as, always with the present tense.

Use of As Soon As in English

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It does have a past format. And when you use it in the past format you refer to something that happened in the past.
Do please use the Past Simple or the Past Perfect.
For example,
As soon as he had called me. –  so Past Perfect
As soon as he got to work.Past Simple
Okay. So you can use as soon as in the past and you can use it in the present.
So that’s the conjunction as soon as.
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