English Words and Phrases connected with Healthy Eating

Apart from the weather we always seem to have a fascination (focus on something for a long time) with our weight and diets. Here are some English words and phrases connected with healthy eating and diets. And no it is not just women who obsess about their weight it is a man thing also!

Unfortunately, I am now jumping on the bandwagon (getting involved in the debate) following a visit to my doctor. It is never an enjoyable experience to be told “you must lose weight” or you have to slim down.

However, it is important so we reduce the risk of health problems at a later age. For some people it is due to simple over eating, for others it is a life style issue and for some it is the problem of middle age spread.

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The secret to losing weight is often a combination of some very simple rules and if you follow them it is not so difficult to get into shape. These rules include: increasing your daily exercise, cut down on alcohol consumption, particularly beer and cut out (stop eating) fast foods and sugar. It sounds easy but changing a habit of a lifetime takes time and effort.

All the experts talk about a balanced diet. You must eat your five a day (five portions of fruit and vegetables). So in order to avoid the threat of obesity you need to follow a low calorie in-take (eat less bread, red meat cakes, pasta) and avoid the temptation to comfort eat (eat what you shouldn’t eat) when you are feeling stressed or depressed.

People often make the mistake of going on a crash diet in an attempt to lose weight quickly. This can work but it seldom lasts and the weight can often re-appear when you lose impetus (lose interest or motivation). So change your eating habits not for a short period but over a longer time frame (longer period of time) keep an eye on (watch) what you eat.

English Vocabulary connected with Diet

To slim down – a nicer way to say to lose weight

Life style issue – the way we live, driving, sitting, etc

Middle age spread – putting on weight simply as we get older

To get into shape – to lose weight and look good

To cut down on something – to reduce, to eat (or drink) less of a particular food

To cut out – to eliminate, to avoid eating something

Crash diet – very severe diet

Habit of a lifetime – something you have been doing for a long time

Obesity (noun) – the state of being seriously overweight. Obese (adjective)

To comfort eat – to eat food that makes you feel better, usually it is unhealthy items such as biscuits, chocolate, crisps, etc We can alsouse an expression comfort food.

English Words and Phrases connected with Healthy Eating

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Other English Words and Phrases connected with Healthy Eating


to enjoy eating sweet things.

Example: I cannot resist going into the cake shop and choosing a delicious cake I have such a sweet tooth.


literally to look at yourself in the mirror

Someone wants their figure to look good. They want to have a slim waist and no belly. You usually hear this expression when someone is turning down something sweet to eat.


– Would you like another slice of cake.

– No, please do not tempt me. I am watching my figure and I do not want to put on any weight before my holiday.


can sound a bit rude. However, where men have a large or fat stomach it is usually a good idea to reduce the alcohol consumption.

Example: The doctor told me I had to lose my belly as it is effecting my blood pressure. He told me to stop drinking beer and no fast food!

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