English Demonstrative Pronouns THIS THESE THAT THOSE

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I’m sure all of you use THIS THESE THAT THOSE every time you have an English conversation.

Give me THAT pen.

I’m going to wear THIS jumper today.

Can you pass me THOSE sweets, please?

It’s time for us to learn what is the difference between THIS THESE THAT THOSE and how do we use them correctly in English?

THIS THAT THESE THOSE are referred to as demonstrative adjectives and pronouns in English Grammar books. In English we use demonstrative adjectives when we want to refer to specific people or objects. THIS THAT THESE THOSE always go before the nouns they modify. 

We use THIS THAT THESE THOSE as demonstrative pronouns instead of nouns, not together with nouns.

How to use Demonstrative Pronouns

How to use demonstratives in English

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Examples of using THIS THAT THESE THOSE

Can you give this letter to the teacher?
That girl over there is really pretty.
These books belong to Peter.
In those days people only had maps.

We use THIS

  1. for people and things that are near to the speaker (listener)
    This is really good coffee.
  2. to introduce someone
    Mary, this is John.
  3. on the phone to introduce yourself
    Hi, this is Sarah, can I speak to Jane please?
  4. to talk about things that are near in time
    We are going to Spain this summer.

We often use this with in time phrases such as this summer, this winter, this week, this year, etc.

  1. to refer to something that is going to happen in the future, or something that we are going to say or do

I don’t really like to say this, but the service here is absolutely appalling.
I like watching this programme. (=the programme is on TV right now)
It’s always a good idea to make a grocery list. This way, you’ll be able to remember exactly what to buy.

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We use THAT

  1. for people and things that are not near to the speaker (listener)
    Do you want to sit down on that bench over there?
    Is that a bird or a plane over there?
  2. to talk about things that are further away in time
    That dinner we had last night was gorgeous.(=the dinner in the past)
  3. to refer back to something that has just happened
    What was that noise? Did you hear it?

We use THESE

  1. for people and things that are near to the speaker (listener)
    These trousers are really dirty. Why don’t you put them in the wash?
    These are the books I brought from Jane.
  2. to talk about things that are near in time
    I love these long summer evenings. It stays bright outside till around 10 p.m.

We use THOSE

  1. for people and things that are not near us
    Those boys are waiving at you. Are they your friends?
  2. to talk about things that are further away in time
    Do you remember those cycling trips we went on with Dad? Those were the days!

Common English phrases with THIS THAT THESE THOSE

That’s it – can be used to show agreement, or used as an exclamation when a problem is solved

That’s it, it is working now.

That’s all right or that’s ok – both can be used as an apology

-Sorry, I really didn’t have time to call you last night.
-That’s ok

That’s right – is one of the most frequent responses in English. It shows that you are in agreement, or you have understood a point.

-Was it you who won the first prize a few years ago?
-Yes, that’s right

That’s that. We’ve finished.
– What have you been doing? – Oh, this and that.
That’s it, I quit!
The global temperatures are getting warmer, that’s what they say.

THIS THESE THAT THOSE - English Video Lesson

If you prefer learning English with videos, here is my short English video lesson explaining the difference between THIS THAT THESE THOSE:

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English Demonstratives THIS THAT THOSE THESE

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