English Vocabulary Words Related to Repair or Renovation

Learn English vocabulary words related to repair or renovation. Talk about your DIY projects in English with confidence.

English Vocabulary Words related to Renovation


Usually used when fixing something that is damaged or no longer working.

I took my car to the garage to repair the headlight. I damaged it when I hit the wall!


We renovate or renew old properties (apartments, flats or houses) when we completely change the inside and outside of the property.

I renovated the old family home when my parents died. I put in a new kitchen, bathroom, double glazed windows and a central heating system. I replaced all the old wooden floors and painted all the walls. The renovation took six months.


Similar in meaning to renovate. To redecorate something, to make it look new by painting, repairing or cleaning.

The old hotel in the high street has been completely refurbished. All the rooms are now modern and the décor is of a very high standard.

House Renovation English Vocabulary

Advanced English vocabulary related to renovations. Advanced English learning.


Normally used when you are only painting doors and walls and ceilings and/or putting up new wallpaper. Either decorate or re-decorate can be used.

I will re-decorate my son’s room when he goes to university and use it as a home office.


These are more informal phrases to refer to the process of either decorating or refurbishing a room or the entire home.

I gave the house a complete make over last year. I want to sell it soon.

I am going to do up the attic and change it into a play room for the children.

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