English Expressions with the Word Rock

My word this week is ROCK. In its simplest form it represents strength and dependability. We always associate the word with these facts. Here are some English expressios with the word ROCK for you:

He was my rock. – to describe someone you can depend on 100%

The wall was made of solid rock. – nothing was going to break through.

English Expressions with the Word ROCK

However, a simple addition of a letter (suffix “-y” ) and the meaning changes dramatically. ROCK — ROCKY.

Rocky now means something unstable something not so dependable.

I sat down in the restaurant and asked if I could move as the table was rocky and I had spilt my drink.

Of course, in those wonderful American movies, Rocky was a boxing champion who was that strength and power. He was almost invincible. So be careful how you use it and how you interpret it when you meet this word in a book or film or in speech.

Rock as a noun means solid and strong.

He is my rock. – We use this expression in English as a figure of speech means someone you can rely on

A rocking horse is an old fashioned toy horse enjoyed by thousands. The child sits on it and moves backwards and forwards simulating the action of a horse. In a similar way a rocking chair provides the same action for an older user.

We can use Rocky as an adjective to describe a garden or field that has many rocks and is perhaps not so fertile. As already indicated rocky as an adjective can also describe an unsteady table or indeed we use it to describe relationships that are not going smoothly.

They have a very rocky relationship. It would not surprise me if they broke up (separated).

As a figure of speech we have “he has hit rock bottom” meaning he has gone as low as he can, he is very unhappy.

His business failed he has no money and is not sure what to do next.

You must be off your rocker. Used to describe someone who is acting in a strange way or suggesting something really stupid.

He told his friend he was going to do a bungy jump from a high platform located in the city centre. His friend told him it was dangerous and that he was mad to even consider it. “You must be off your rocker” he said.

We all love to listen to a bit of Rock’n’Roll don’t we? There is nothing weak about this music. Full of life and energy.

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